A World Away

by Kenneth Anstiss
(West London England)

I am an identical twin, but over thirty years ago my twin and I were split up. He left for a new life in Sydney, Australia and I stayed in London.
It was a terrible wrench for us both, probably the worst day of my life.

As children my twin and I were constant companions, we never hardly argued and only ever fought once angrily. When dad gave us a pair of boxing gloves to try out, it was a mistake and one of us totally lost it and dad had to pull us apart ...the gloves were thown on the fire.

When we were small we got sore throats ,mine was the worst but the doctor sent my brother to hospital to have his tonsils out. I complained to my mum about my sore lips ,but she could see nothing. When we arrived at the hospital my brother complained about his mouth and how the doctors had split his lips gagging his mouth open. One of many strange occurrances that have happened throughout our lives.

My brother is left handed, I am right. He had two boys and a girl, I had two girls and a boy. Mirror imaging and reversal of lives seem to happen a lot with us.

While, Chris, my brother was in Australia he had problems with his heart. I knew nothing of this until one day he had to have his heart set into a better beat. They zapped him with a machine whilst I was waling in my garden, I nearly passed out and was rushed to hospital.

My brother's heart had stopped and they had to shock him again to get his heart going.
I was now in hospital but although my heart was in an eratic rythem they found nothing wrong with my heart!

Two years later I couldnt move, my back was stiff, and I was in a great deal of pain, I phoned my brother to see if he was okay,but his wife answered and said he was lying flat on his back with a slipped disc.

We seem to be able to feel each others pain across thousands of miles. We have only met twice in all that time. I wonder every day what he is doing and if he has changed much. Then, I look in the mirror and just know his hair will be falling out in the same places as mine!

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Feb 27, 2013
Twin brothers
by: Lyn

Hi, I am the sister of Ken and Chris Anstiss. I can truly say they used to spook me out when younger, I swore they were telepathic, even now, their connection to each other is strong, Ken always seems to know when Chris is ill and suffers with him. Always together as kids, was not easy when Chris moved to Australia, but all settled and still connected even now. Their lives, jobs, wives children, etc., seem to follow each other. Really weird, but it happens, I'v seen it. They are both really kind, lovely men. Great brothers.

Nov 30, 2012
by: Roger ferrett

Hi ken
Lazing around on a beach in taiwan looking at twin webpages( my daughter just had a pair) and saw your name. Was wondering if it was the same ken and Chris that knew lee and roger from mellow lane?
If it is say hello on rferrett@hotmail.com , if not all the best.
Roger ferrett

Jan 16, 2012
first born by five minutes
by: the other twin CHRIS ANSTISS

I am the twin of ken, who is a far better teller of stories of our youth and the adventures we had, yet we share the same connection.I sense his emotional pain and as 'Clones' we seem to be sharing the same medical problems' yet we are thousands of miles apart.Please advise your twin of each others medical problems it may save their life one day.My brother is as close to me now as he was when we were born and that I believe will never change. The bond we have will remain, IT IS AS IF WE NEVER PARTED.

Feb 05, 2010
by: Anonymous

I think not a coincidence! I have 1 yr old fraternal twins and I wonder if they will be this way. No signs though. I like your story its funny and sad that you were split up. Good thing you still keep in touch though evidently.

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