Advice Please!

by Julie

I'm 19 weeks pregnant with fraternal twins and I'm just wondering for future reference if any Moms have advice on what they do when their doing night feeds, do you wake both babies up to feed even if only one has wakened? And do you put them both to sleep in a cot together side by side or one up each end?

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Oct 12, 2010
Do everything at the same time!
by: Anonymous

I have 8 week old twin girls and I do everything at the same time. Get the double blessing feeding pillow (you won't know how you made it without it). If one wakes up wake the other to feed. I set a bouncie seat next to me on the couch so when I am done feeding I can easily set one in the seat while I get the other put down. Then I come back for the other and get that one to bed. They love their bouncy seats. We have a twin bassinet/playpen from Graco at the end of our bed and they slept together on one side and now they are each on their own side.

Sep 30, 2010
Feeding at the same time
by: Susan

My girls are a week and a half old. I finally have the hang of breastfeeding them both at the same time. I find that if I don't, I spend the majority of my day and night breastfeeding and never get a break. I am using the double blessings twin nursing pillow and don't know how I would feed them at the same time without it!

We do have our girls in the same crib for now. Since we are still swaddling them they don't bother one another and seem to like to cuddle up against one another. Good luck with your pregnancy!

Sep 28, 2010
same time
by: Anonymous

My babies have always been fed at the same time. They have a great routine - they eat at the same time, bed at same time, nap at same time, poo at same time. It makes life much easier.

Sep 27, 2010
by: Jeri Fuller

I didn't completely answer your questions as I just went back to read....
My twins are sleeping in bouncy seats due to reflux. When I do lay them down, I put them head to head due to the kicking. One ALWAYS kicks the other haha
I also wanted to let you think about this... If you dont try a schedule with feedings, you will ALWAYS be on food standby. I always feed them within a half an hour of each other. It still gives you time for feeding/burping/cuddle time with each and you will actually have some "down time".

Sep 27, 2010
I've survived night feeding with twins
by: Jeri Fuller

Hey! Congratulations on whats coming! I've ALWAYS fed one right after the other. It switches on who goes first, and you'll get the groove of who will make a bigger fuss and who has more patience haha I've yet to "prop" a bottle up and I only get nervous when I'm feeding one and I see the other spit up. I breastfed for a while and that was difficult, and I NEVER could get the hang of doing them both at the same time! My boys are 5 months old now and eating baby food and cereal all mixed within formula in a bottle. They are not (Im really not) patient enough yet for spoon feeding so we are finally sleeping through the night, and we can finally come up for air.
Best Wishes!!

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