Almost 6 Months With Twins!

by Latoya Starr
(Taylor, MI)

I get asked everywhere I go, am I about to deliver any day now! I'm always like, no I have a little ways to go, people think I am huge, and look at me like a freak of nature. This picture was taken a week ago, and I swear my belly has gotten bigger since!

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Nov 24, 2009
Me too!
by: jjmayday

You look amazing and I am 6 months with my twins today and due in February too. I get asked all the time when I'm going to deliver and how lucky I'll be to have a baby for Christmas. Not quite people, I have a ways to go!! Good luck to you, I'll add a photo soon too.

Oct 20, 2009
by: aldridge

i am 6 months pg with twin girls very excited but also scard 2 death getting bigger everyday they will b here in febuary cant wait good luck

Aug 09, 2009
Bigger and Bigger
by: Anonymous

People say the same thing to me and I am six almost 7 months. Seems like I am bigger when I wake up every morning. When is your due date

Jul 15, 2009
same with me
by: Vitri

I'm pregnant for 6 months too, and same with you. Everybody asked when I'll be delivering. When I said it just 6 months, their eyes pops out. LoL

Jul 01, 2009
by: Anonymous

I totally understand, people are always asking me if I due and I still have till sept. You probably have gotten bigger, I am 5 ft tall growing about a inch a I am HUGE! You should measure weekly its fun!! :) Congrats on your twins!

Jun 29, 2009
by: cheri

Wow, you sure take a good pg pic! I feel the same way. Everywhere I go I get asked if I am "overdue" or they ask my due date, and I tell them technically end of Aug and they look at me with their jaw dropped in surprise, and then I have to tell them that it's twins....then I get...Ohhhh yeah, I see it!

I tell them I would trade them bellies and they laugh...they don't realize I am serious! I feel like my belly won't stretch out further, and somehow it does. I am 50 1/2 inches around now at the belly button... soon they will be here...yea!

Happy and healthy vibes to you and your little ones!!!!!

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