Amniocentesis With Twins?

by Maryke
(Cairns, Qld, Australia)

I am Australian Mum 12 1/2 weeks pregnant with fraternal twins. I have been recommended to have an amniocentesis at 16 weeks and was wondering if there was any other Mums who have been through this procedure and might have some advice for me. Although I know I am doing the right thing going for the test I am very nervous.

Thank you,
Maryke :-)

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Feb 15, 2013
So scared
by: Rachel

Hello, After having 2 early miscarriages last year, I'm now 13 wks pregnant with non-identical twins. Had my NT this week. Twin 1 has a 1 in 19 chance of DS and Twin 2, 1 in 58. We are devestated and terrified. I'm 35. We've decided on a double amnio on 6 March as we need to know to prepare ourselves. Please does anyone have any success stories you could share with me, I'm sick with worry. Xx

May 20, 2011
Experience with amnio and caring twins
by: Leigh

Hi, I am also an Australian mum who is 15wks 5dys pregnant with twins. I went for an amnio a couple of days ago. I found it very uncomfortable because I wasnt told to have a full bladder and they found it difficult to keep each baby out of the way. I will explain what they do.... they did a general quick U/S first to see the position of the babies and name them twin 1 or 2, the doctor then gets the U/S piece and holds the twin into a position and then inserts the needle into the sac removes the needle and a small plastic cannula remains there while the remove the fluid. I am having fraternal twins so unfortunately I had to have this procedure twice. The first time didnt hurt just uncomfortable but the 2nd needle insertion hurt like hell apparently there must be more nerves in that 2nd side....(thats what doc said). All in all it was ok, I couldnt imagine having a baby with something wrong because we already have other children so it was something that we just had to go through. I have been resting now for 2 days it has been a little uncomfortable but I just keep resting so hopefully nothing happens.
This is only my personal experience. I hope it doesnt scare you to much. I wish you luck and hope it goes well for you.

May 16, 2011
by: Gemma

I'm going for the amneo tomorrow, I've been told I'm carrying identical twins, I'm terrified of losing them but the initial scan showed increased fluid and no nasal bones - both signs of a D/S baby.
I just want to talk to someone who'se has the same experience, it's so different with twins, I live in the UK, anyone who is around and is going through the same it would be good to know your story...


Sep 19, 2010
I said no!
by: Anonymous

I'm 19 weeks now and was also offered the Amniocentesis, I think it all depends on what would change for you on finding out a bad outcome, personally i wouldn't end my pregnancy because of a D/S baby so i thought what would be the point,I'll just try not worry and hope for the best, there is also a small chance of miscarrige with the needle test. Don't feel pressured to get any test if your not comfortable, they're not compulsary x

Aug 18, 2010
Amnio for twins
by: Sara

I also had one amnio done, for identical twins.
The doctor asked if I had one embryo planted or more. We had one, and he was able to tell us the gender of the child.

The geneticist told us that it is usually at the doctor's discretion if he wants to give one or two needles.

Jan 25, 2010
my amnio...
by: Anonymous

That is interesting that they consider 1/300 to be high for the NT - In Canada it is 1/200. During the amnio they watch everything on an ultrasound monitor, so that they can make sure they don't harm the baby, and they should monitor you carefully to make sure there are no adverse effects following the procedure.

That's too bad that you have to travel so far - but hopefully where you will be seen they are the best of the best, so that can alleviate even more of your concerns.

Have you been seen by a genetic counsellor where you live? Here, because our medical care is covered by the government, I was seen right away after the high NT scores came back and was also seen by a geneticist along with the counsellor, so I was able to access a lot of information and have my questions answered as well.

Again, I would try not too worry too much (impossible, I know), and ask your doctors any questions you might have and any concerns.

Jan 25, 2010
Re your Amnio
by: Maryke

Thank you again for telling me about your experience. You are the only person I have come across that has had an Amnio with twins.

It is interesting how different all the information is from Country to Country. Here in Australia they consider 1:300 for a N/T test to be high. I need to call my specialist and discuss it further with him. Unfortunately I have to fly 2 hours south to have the Amnio done as there is no one experienced enough in the city I live in.

You have helped put my mind at ease a bit. I too have been worrying and stressing about the whole thing. My biggest concern is that I will do some harm to my happily growing babies. I just wish there was a non-invasive test available that had the same results as an Amnio test.

I really appreciate your time & information :-)

Jan 24, 2010
amnio at 16 weeks...
by: Anonymous

Hi again,

I think that I would definitely have the amnio for the twin that screened at 1/21 first and then decide if you want to do it for the other twin (1/229). I'm not sure if the screening is the same in australia as in Canada (where I am), but anything above 1/200 they do not routinely offer you an amnio. I also kept telling myself that 1/26 and 1/41 also meant that the babies ONLY had a 4% and 2% chance of ACTUALLY having DS!

I was COMPLETELY stressed out about the whole screen positive and then having the amnio, but in the end, I am glad I did have the amnio as it relieved my stress (obviously) and lowered my anxiety.

I was told at the hospital where I had my amnio done that their rate of miscarriage for amnio is about 1/800 (whereas the published risk is 1/200), so you might want to ask that question to your doctor as well.

In the end, like I said, I am glad that I did it for the peace of mind it gave me (even though it hurt a little bit...and there was a pretty nice purple bruise for about a week where the needle went in). If the results had been postive, we would have continued the pregnancy, but we would have been armed with information that we could use in preparation of how our lives would have changed.

let us know how it goes! And again, good luck and remember to take deep breaths!

Jan 24, 2010
Re my amnio
by: Maryke

Thank you for sharing the info regarding your amnio. It is not done very often here in Australia and we do not have some of the tests you are able to get over there. It was good to hear you had a happy outcome. I hope I have the same.

The reason I am having one is that my Nuchal scan came back as 1:22 for twin 1 & 1:229 for twin 2. Thanks again for sharing :-)

Jan 24, 2010
had amnio at 16 weeks...
by: Anonymous


I had an amnio done at 16 weeks (I am 23 weeks now) with my mono/di twins as their NT scores screened them both positive for DS (1/26 and 1/41) - needless to say, I already had one surprise (identical twins!) and figured that I should prepare if they both had DS. Turns out, they are both OK from the DS side of things.

I would not have had an amnio done if they had not screened positive.

I was told that it was just like getting a needle, but it wasn't. It hurts...but it's not that bad, and it's over pretty quickly. Luckily I only had to do the one sac (since they are identical). Just make sure you have someone's hand to squeeze during the procedure.

I didn't have any cramping or bleeding after, which is good...and just took the day off work to relax.

Good luck, I hope everything turns out ok!

Jan 24, 2010
by: Erica Skelton

Why are they saying you need one? Did they find something wrong on one of your u/s? Ive been thinking i might do one just to make sure both babies are fine. My NT scans were normal and both babies had their facial bones. Im only 12 weeks and will have another scan at 15 weeks right before i decide to do an aminocentesis...

good luck,

from what i understand , its two pricks w/ a 22g needle. its not that big of a needle. it should only take a min, if that and you're done!

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