Are bad dreams common in twin pregnancies?

by Chelsea
(Kelowna BC Canada)

I am 13 weeks pregnant with twins that are due in June, I have been having these horrible dreams, I never had them with my son or my daughter when I was pregnant with them. Is this normal? Is there any way to stop them from happening??? HELP!!!

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Nov 01, 2017
Bad dreams here also pregnant with twins
by: Anonymous

I am 11 weeks pregnant and every since I was 8 weeks can't sleep because I also had bad dreams. I don't watch nothing scary on tv no more and its still the same..this is driving me crazy don't knw what to do because when I wake up I can remember everything in the dreams like it really happened and it's driving me crazy..

Nov 17, 2015
wierd dreams with twins
by: eve

Even me here bad dreams always,am 8weeks with

May 28, 2013
by: Anonymous

I am 15 weeks along and I thought I was the only one with nightmares. I am going to watch what I read and watch on t.v.. I think this along with stress of high-risk pregnancy is what could be causing them for me.

Dec 09, 2012
by: Anonymous

I also had horrible dreams during my first and late into my 2nd trimester. The funny thing is I didn't notice that they had gone away until I just read this post. Being 30 weeks my mind is now more on getting ready for babies than worrying about other things, I guess. Hopefully, yours subside as well as you see healthy, growing babies each month!

Jul 11, 2011
Crazy nightmares here too!
by: Jennie Harland

I have been having terrible nightmares with my twin pregnancy! I have been dreaming of miscarriages like crazy. It's horrible. They feel so real! I had nightmares with my other two pregnancies too, but not like this.

I think it probably has to do with our fears & anxieties that might be related to these more high risk pregnancies. So, maybe working on letting go & relieving stress would help. There are some foods that people say give you crazy dreams. You could do a search on those & try to avoid those!!

Good luck!!

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