Are They Still Girls?

by Terri G
(Nesbit, MS)

I found out my fraternal twins were girls at 14 weeks. When I talked to a long distance relative on the phone several weeks later she asked... "Are they both still Girls?" I said of course! She simply stated "Oh I thought one of them might have grown a winky." After I got over the initial outrage, I laughed for days.

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Jul 20, 2012
by: Anonymous

Lol "grown a winkie" I love it! I was laughing so hard when I saw that comment. The creative comments on this website are hilarious and put the rude, insensitive people asking stupid questions in their place.

Feb 23, 2011
Nope, not still girls.
by: Anonymous

I was suppose to be having two fraternal girls..until...."One of them grew a winkie" lol. In the OR they pulled the first baby out "Its a girl!" Next one, "Its a boy!"... "What!?!?!?" We were certainly surprised!
You would think with all the ultrasounds, they would have picked it up somewhere along the way.

Sep 09, 2010
by: Anonymous

Some people dont know that fraternal twins can be the same sex too...its just like having 2 boys or 2 girls in a row lol even if they look alike they can still be fraternal they have the same mom and dad (99.9% of the time before someone comments on that part) but anyways i know a girl who had a sistr a year younger than her and she would look the same exact way my friend had looked at that age...and people dont know that identical twins dont have to look the husband knows a set of twins who were in deed identical but didnt look a like.

Aug 07, 2009
by: Anonymous

understandable, i found out i was having a boy and a girl, then at my next ultrasound i called to tell everyone she was still agirl, because the penis may have just been hidden, my sister thought she was having a girl her whole pregnancy til my nephew came out lol.
but the grown a winkie thing is dumb.

May 17, 2009
by: twinmompdx

"grown a winkie" I love it!!!

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