Are They Twins?

by Jacqueline Dunn
(Chorley, United Kingdom.)

I am currently 21 weeks pregnant with diamniotic dichorionic twin boys but this story is actually about my other 2 children. When my daughter (now 5) was 17 months old I gave birth to my son (now 4) and naturally I needed a twin stroller because my girl was still so young. The amount of people I had coming up to me and saying 'ooooh, how lovely, are they twins?'....oh my lord!!! Are you for real. It's not even like my daughter was exceptionally small or my son was really big. We're talkin about a new born and a toddler! WTF! lol.

BTW I am really looking forward to all the silly questions when my boys are born, hehe! I'm already having the usual 'Does it run in the family?' and when i say I dont know people give me such funny looks! (my mum is adopted and I've never met my dad.)

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Aug 31, 2010
We cloned one
by: Anonymous

My girls are almost 5 months old (probably identical) and we get this question a lot. After traveling with the twins, my older kids and I, my dad came up with a response I like. When asked "Are they twins?" respond with, "No, we had the one and liked her so much we had her cloned."

Jul 17, 2010
by: Jacqueline Dunn

I love how people look so pleased with themselves when they make a comment to you that they think is funny, like they're the first person EVER to say that.....sorry pal, heard it like 50 times!

Jul 15, 2010
by: Kristina

You wouldnot believe the questions I get.
I love the oh, are they twins... Mine are about the same size, one twin is about two pounds bigger. I want to say, no they are just brothers and they are the same age lol.
I also get "Ohhh you have your hands full" all the time. I finally started turning around and saying, Yes my hands are full, but I would rather them be full than empty!
That shuts them up.
Good luck

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