Are You Going To Get Bigger?

by Bonnie
(Enfield, CT, US)

After telling someone I have about 3 months to go he asks, "So are you going to get bigger?"

Also, I'm asked "Do twins run in your family?" and when I say "No" the person asking is always surprised like the only way to have twins is if there are twins in your has to start somewhere!

Most of the time I'll throw them a bone with something about fertility treatments, but its really none of their business.

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Nov 13, 2012
Completely Agree
by: Christine

I always enjoy the look on people's faces during this conversation:

person: "When is your due date"
me: "January 20"
person: [look of horror at how big i am already]
me: "I'm having twins"
person: ooooohhhh! [the "that makes sense" look]

I agree -- people automatically ask if twins run in the family, assuming people cant just have twins. I too went through fertility but they also do run in my family. Frankly none of it is any of their business.

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