Around the Corner

by Emmelaina
(Seattle, Wa)

Deborah and myself were born on April 1st, no one believed my mum when she told them she was in the hospital having the baby, and than that she had twins, because it was April 1st. Identical mirror image twins we are.

Mum said she always felt like she was on the outside looking in with us...She felt like she was just not wanted. We had our own language, it was just my twin and I.

Once, I was in our room, she was in another room, a bulb burnt out. I went to get a new one. Deborah was coming around the corner in the hall with a bulb. Then one day I was shopping at a mall humming a little tune and as I rounded a corner there was Deb humming the same tune...Didn't even know she was at the mall...this was a part of life for us.

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