Braxton Hicks at 21 Weeks With Twins?

by Kirsty
(East Sussex)

Hi I'm hoping someone can help me who has had some experience. This is my 5th pregnancy and I'm 21 weeks with twins.

Last night I noticed that the babies had dropped right down and I started to experience tightening sensations that are uncomfortable and some actually hurt. I'm hoping it's just Braxton Hicks, but I'm feeling quite a bit of pressure and am a bit damp down stairs. About 3 weeks ago I had a cervical scan to check the length of my cervix which they said was fine. I'm not sure what to do ,so I'm hoping someone can help. Many thanks!

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Mar 21, 2015
Braxton Hicks Help
by: Tracy

You should call your doctor to be checked out. However, when I had Braxton hicks early doctor told me to quit exercising and drink more water. There was also a test they did (swiping the cervix with no lubeso not comfortable) that looked for a certain protein or hormone that indicated labor within 2 weeks. If that's not there you're good to go! This was 10 years ago so do t know how medicine has changed. Good Luck!

Feb 18, 2015
same here
by: Anonymous

I'm having the braxton hicks at 21 weeks too. Can anybody help with comments?

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