Can Anyone Tell If It Looks Like Two?

by Melissa Schultz
(Ponchatoula, LA)

my recent ultrasounds

my recent ultrasounds

I'm not really sure, but on the ultrasound it says 6 weeks 3 days..but the doctor wants to do another to make sure..the doctor said it might be twins..but i'm not for sure..what's it looks like to you?

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Apr 20, 2020
It looks exactly like mine now
by: Joy

I went to untraound and doctor as it's 6.6weeks and singleton with no fetal heart yet but a fetal pole is present.looks exactly like your scan result. But am not convinced been having hunches he's wrong with the whole thing ,I feels it is twin babies, will be going for next scan morro ,crossing my fingers.

Dec 17, 2017
Twins or no?
by: Anonymous

Did you have another ultrasound?!? Twins??

Feb 15, 2011
Its hard to see
by: Anonymous

Im 29 weeks now with identical twins and my docter was able to see at 6 weeks and in my ultrasound picture you can clearly see 2 babies

Feb 12, 2010
Not sure
by: 3xalady

umm I am not sure either, I am no doctor but it doesn't look like 2 sacs. But it could be to babies sharing 1 sac and its just to early to tell. I am 7 weeks and my untrasound at 4 weeks showed 2 sacs. Hopes this helps! Good look

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