Can I Keep One?


I actually find this one really funny now, but the first time this was said to me I wasn't really sure how to respond - just to be clear it was ment as a joke.

I've been asked three times now as a joke and I answer with "yes, but first we have to find out which one we like more" :)

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Jul 25, 2015
by: Anonymous

When I get asked this I say it will be cruel to favour one twin over the other so take them both that's then followed by an awkward giggle and the answer no I could cope clearly your super mum... Hmm I don't think so just a regular blessed parent 😊

Jan 23, 2012
Rep : Can i keep one?
by: Anonymous

They tell me this all the time! I tell them NO! have your own lol

Jan 04, 2012
Can I keep One
by: Carmel

I get this a lot and my answer is "Nope its a package deal!" Always gets a laugh as they run away.

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