Co-Sleeping In The Same Crib

by Cynthia

Has anyone had any luck with letting twins sleep together in the same crib or bassinet? My twins are due in July and I'm trying to decide if I should just purchase one crib or two.

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Feb 24, 2009
a wee bit of advise
by: Anonymous

hi there i had my girls in the same crib till they were about a month old cos they were so tiny. then had to get a second one cos when they moved they were keeping each other awake. so i would advise to get a second. if u know someone that has one just change the matress and buy the one. but anyway enjoy them they are great to watch lol and congrats x

Feb 23, 2009
Here's What I Did
by: Anonymous

I had my twins sleep in the same bassinet for about the first week or so because they were so tiny and could fit. Then, I put them in the same crib with one of those crib dividers. It worked really well because they were still really close together yet had their own space. I got away with it until they started sitting up around 7 months old. And then we bought another crib. It was nice not to have to buy the two cribs at once even though we went with really cheap ones (about $99 each)

Congrats on your babies!!

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