Could It Be Twins?

by A.T.
(Richmond, VA)

I'm 22, in my second pregnancy. I had an ultrasound at 5 weeks and it looked like only one. But, today my Dr.'s office called and wants to have another ultrasound Thursday. I have lots of twins in family, and orginally my Dr. said I was big for 5 weeks. I'm 7 weeks now. They def. only saw one sac, so could they have split or could they now see maybe two? HELP!!!

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Oct 22, 2009
by: Anonymous

It sure could be! I was 25 on my third pregnancy, and I also had a regular ultrasound, along with a vaginal ultrasound, showing only ONE sac. Guess what, at approx 21 weeks, there were two, sac split!!! Best of luck!! Please let us know!

Oct 22, 2009
by: nicole

my husband side of the family akways having twins now on my side we only have about one should i be worried about this problm ?

May 14, 2009
by: Jennie

I had a us at 7 weeks, only one sac. I was right on track this time. I measured bigger with both of my previous pregnancys. I went in for a routine us at 20 weeks, yes I said 20 weeks, sure enough, sac was split into identical twins, so yes maybe your having twins! Would'nt change it for the world! Best of luck, whatever happens!

May 13, 2009
by: AT

Well, I go tomorrow to find out. I am having horrible morning sickness. I do have twins in my family. My husband has grandparents that were both twins. I'm tired, sick, and I'm just ready to find out! HELPPPP

May 12, 2009
YES Could be
by: Anonymous

I had an US at 5 weeks and only saw one baby at my next US a week later there were 2 babies different sacs but only saw one sac on the first US gl and let us know

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