Did Anyone Have A Twin With Torticollis?

My one son was diagnosed at 2 months with Torticollis and we are taking him to therapy weekly to do stretching exercises. I was wondering if anyone else went through this and can tell me what they did and how long it took them to remedy their baby's head shape and neck strength?

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Apr 12, 2011
Just referred
by: Anonymous

Hi there! My pediatrician just referred my ten week old twins for this. One has it worse than the other. He recommended early intervention, but they cannot guarantee physical therapy within any time frame. They said it could be up to two months before my girls see a physical therapist. My husband and I have decided to use our health insurance to take our twins to a private therapist. They have their first evaluation on Thursday. This is something I wish I had known about so I could have tried to work with them sooner. I am glad that it gets better. The pediatrician said my one daughter could need a helmet. My other daughter has a better range of motion and is able to lift her head when she is on her belly. Thanks for the encouragment!

Aug 06, 2009
it does get better!
by: Anonymous

One of my twins had torticollis and he has been going to PT every week since he was 2 months old-he is now 5 mths old- I can tell you that his range of motion for his neck has resolved 95%- HUGE difference from birth where he had a 10% range of motion. Stick with it- it really helps. Unfortunately his plagiocephaly has not resolved- it has gotten worse but we are monitoring it and will be meeting again with the pediatric plastic surgeon next month to re-evaluate him at which time he will probably have to get a helmet. His outcome for a complete resolution is great.

I remember getting the diagnosis and being crushed but after 3 months now- I can tell you we have turned a corner and he is doing great and keeping up with his brother. He rolls over, and holds his head up high and if anything seems to have more strength and stamina than his brother. It is not slowing him down at all.

Wishing you all the best!

May 26, 2009
by: deb

Both my twins went through it. We had a wonderful therapist and went weekly and doing at home exercises probably went for about 3-4 months. You're catching it at the perfect time (mine was also 2 months). You can e-mail me for more info. debdamboise[at]comcast[dot]net

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