Does This Sound Like Twins? Desperate for Opinions!

by Priscilla


I am 17 weeks and 3 days pregnant. My pregnancy symptoms have been a lot more severe during this pregnancy than my others. I have also put on a lot more weight than ever before and I eat a very healthy diet. When my midwife checked my pregnancy diet sheet, she said there wasn't anything on it that would cause that kind of weight gain.

My iron was low when checked at my first prenatal, so I took iron pills for the next month. Then, at my last prenatal, my iron was still low. I'm now on Floradix.

When my midwife checked for the fetal heartbeat, it really sounded like there were 2 of them on opposite sides of my stomach. They were slightly different rates. One was a little slower than the other . She checked back and forth a couple of times just to make sure they stayed consistent. They did. She told me that only with an ultrasound would she feel 100% comfortable telling me that I was definitely having twins because she didn't want to get my hopes up. But, it's driving me crazy!! I'm dying to know for sure. I want it to be twins SO bad.

My ultrasound is on the 18th 12/18/201. I'm afraid I'll go crazy between now and then. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks :)

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Dec 31, 2012
by: Renee

Thanks for getting back. That's great news, sounds like your having a very healthy baby boy. All the best & enjoy when bubs comes along xo

Dec 30, 2012
by: Anonymous

Wonderful to hear your boy is big and doing well! Thank you for letting us know! I carried bigger with my son than with my daughter and was sick for longer too.

Dec 30, 2012
Ultrasound Results
by: Anonymous

Thanks so much to everyone who was nice enough to answer my question! I had an ultrasound and found that I'm carrying only one boy. I'm kind of disappointed that there is only one boy. But, I'm very thankful that he is a big boy and that he's in excellent health :)

Dec 29, 2012
Does this sound like twins
by: Renee

I would like to know the out come as you've now had your ultra-sound. Mind you though I lost weight whilst pregnant with my girls, too sick & tied to eat. 3rd ultra-sound confirmed twins as I kept telling them to check as I suspected twins. My body telling me that this pregnancy was different to my last. What ever the result though, good luck with your pregnancy xo

Dec 18, 2012
Trust Your Instincts
by: Anonymous

When I was pregnant with my B/G twins,I was 2 months pregnant needing maternity clothes... other than that, I didn't show any signs. I had always wanted twins and was afraid to let myself believe it could really be happening. If your midife hear 2 different paced heartbeats, and you are showing early, I would say you probably are having multiples. Good luck with your ultrasound, I cried when they told me that there were 2 in there I was so happy, and relieved to know there were twins. I understand being pprehensive to believe its twins, but trust your body and your midwife to let you know. I thought it was twins 2 months before anyone confirmed it to me.

Dec 09, 2012
please let us know!!
by: Anonymous

It could be twins. My symptoms in the first trimester were less than my 2 singlton pregnancies with regard to stomach upsets. I was so cold and tired though.

I hope you have a happy healthy pregnancy and let us know if its twins!

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