Dumb Twin Questions

by Kristina
(Aurora, CO, USA)

my 4 girls

my 4 girls

I sick of the "Are they twins?" question. and the "are you done yet?" question. First of all, that is none of your business (usually comes after the, "you have 4 girls?" remark) - and what about the "glad its you." or "how do you do it?" remark? Um, how did you do the one you have? You learn along the way just like the first one you have... I wouldn't trade mine in for the world! and would love another set- boys this time!!

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Sep 09, 2010
by: Anonymous

I get the whole are you trying to catch up to the duggars. People will ask if we're done and I tell them that were not. before I was pregnant I would have told you that we were done at 3 no questions about it. My husband was only here for the horrible first part of this pregnancy and wont be here till after the twins are here and mmissed my entire first pregnancy so I def wanna go for more so he can be there during the next pregnancy but also I just want a big family!

May 20, 2010
asking about IVF
by: Anonymous

When asked if I planned on having twins (I have two sets of twins and a singleton), I reply, "It was a buy one, get one free situation". Don't know which one we paid for?
If I did, I would double check the return policy. A little humor.
I love all my kids, they are true blessings. I do tell ppl that they were conceived using IVF. These people may be asking for themselves or others. I had a colleague ask and the conversation turned into how she can contact the same clinic I went to. A year later she had her first daughter.

Apr 11, 2010
When will they learn!
by: twinsagain

I have a set of twins that are 7 1/2. They are a boy and a girl. The one question that I always get (even now) is "Are they identical?" I simply reply "They have their differences." (Duh!) I am expecting my second set of twins in October, and I have yet to learn the sex. I am sure I will be bombarded with the same question!

Jan 26, 2010
Dumb comments
by: Mary

The most offensive (and dumb) comment I received about my twin babies was "Are they God's babies or fertility drug babies?" I told the person that all babies were God's babies. Duh.

Someone else asked if I planned to have twins. Seriously, can you plan that? I told them not that it was any of their business, but the 1st one was planned and the 2nd was a nice surprise.

My friend with boy/girl twins was asked on more than one occasion if they were identical.

Jan 01, 2010
They just dont get it
by: Mom of 3 On My OWN

That is the truth! I get so tired of people asking questions and looking at my kids and I as if we are a walking freak show. I thought it was bad when I was pregnant but now its just crazy. I was actually stopped in my tracks at the mall oneday and the lady wanted me to turn all the way around and walk back to her so that she could ask me a ton of questions and look at my babies. That was bad but one time someone asked if my babies were twins and if they were mine. When I told her yes she said "I'm so sorry." What is that to tell someone? I know that parents of singletons know what it is to be a parent but they will never know what it is to be a parent of multiples until they are in that situation. Or like me...a single parent of multiples. I love the reply about the Duggars! I will surely be using that one. I thought about telling people they are not twins when they ask...even though they are the same age and they are both mine. Can you imagine the looks on their faces as they try to figure it out? LOL

Dec 05, 2009
dont let them get you down
by: on my way to 6

I so get where you are coming from! I already have 3 boys and 1 girl, and i am now expecting twins. I look very young for my age and i get so sick of single minded peoples stares and strangers asking surely they are not all yours?, to which i proudly reply yes they are! then comes the question are you done yet? i always like to have a joke and tell them im trying to out do the Duggers (18) lol... we can never change what these people think or say, but i will never let people like that try and make me feel bad because i have 4 beautiful kids and another 2 on the way... thats their problem and i will leave them with that... my hands are full having the time of my life raising my great kids and making sure they are happy!

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