Dumbest Question Somone Can Ask A Mother Of Twins.

About 95% of the time I get asked the dumbest question someone can ask me mother of twins. The question is, "How can you tell them apart?" A mother will always know who her children are. It's called mother's instincts. I get annoyed with lots of questions people often ask but this the the most annoying one ever. I tell them, "A mother always knows who her children are don't you think?" Response I get, "Well, yes I suppose so." I try to be nice but sometimes it's hard when that question is asked at least 5 times a day while I'm at the store.

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Apr 16, 2013
Telling them apart...
by: Julianne

I'm pregnant with twins, and I have two already, ages 3.5 & 2. It blows my husband away, and I guess it's a little gross, but I can tell which of my kids has pooped by the smell and always have. I just hope my twins are as different.

Mar 21, 2012
by: Anonymous

My older brothers are identical twins and people still ask me how I could tell them apart, mind you they are now in their thirties. Seriously they may be called identical that doesn't mean that everything will always be the same with them.

Jan 06, 2012
This quetion is actually stupid in my case
by: Anonymous

I find that question extremely annoying. People ask me that all the time. I have twin boys. They are not indentical. They look about as much alike as any other two brothers. Funny.

Aug 20, 2010
Telling them apart
by: Anonymous

I dont think it's easy to tell my idential twins apart either and my mother said the same thing about her twins. Once they are older it's easier because their personally shows through. But my sisters you have to look on the name of their senior pictures to know which is which.

May 25, 2010
by: NP

I am concerned about this, since babies in our family look alike anyhow and with the lack of sleep combined with the fact that we don't know if they are fraternal or not...

We are already planning on painting toenails and keeping to pink for one twin and purple for another...hoping that will minimize any confusion...

Aug 10, 2009
Way to Make me feel bad
by: Anonymous

Wow thanks. I have identical 1-year old twin girls, and I can't always tell them apart. I have painted one of my girl's toenails from the day they were born so I never get confused. When I'm running on only a couple hours of sleep for the third or fourth day in a row I have to really focus to keep my own name straight let alone my children. So I guess all those people asking the dumbest question in the world should be directing it at the stupid moms like myself.

Jun 04, 2009
here is another dumb question
by: Anonymous

I have a boy and a girl and get asked all the time if they are identical...and I just repeat "well it's a boy and a girl"....

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