Everyone Says Twins...I'm Not Sure...Anyone know?

by Dannielle

Ultrasound says 5 weeks 4 days.. this picture from a couple months ago.. my friends and some family members say that there are two babies here.. two scas, one where the doctor said and one to the right. doctor said the bottom left is the baby.. but would it split like that down the middle? i have a history of miscarrage so i can see the doctor not telling me its twins, til past first term.. Does anyone else see it? also have put on alot of weight in the first and second month..

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Jun 07, 2011
Only 1.
by: Nikki [Skyler James, Devilina Lyn, Dakota Lane and Avery Nicole's mommy]

I'm pregnant with my 2nd set of twins [both with my fiance] and their boy/girl [again] haha. From what I can tell it is 1 baby. Now, if you were to have identical twins [they share an amniotic sac] you would see 2 little dots within that sac. I don't see anything. Give it another month. Identical twins are a rare occurence compaired to fraternal twins though. Good luck and congradulations though.

Sep 30, 2010
dont think it is twins
by: Anonymous

I think it is just one baby. I am having twins and there was two obvious sacs

Oct 11, 2009
by: Anonymous

That looks like your bladder. I don't think if you were having twins your doctor would keep that kind of info from you, that would be wrong. Take the picture back and get some clarification on it :)

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