Excess Skin Solution?


I just had my twins about a month ago.I had a huge belly(I'm 4'11, 95 lbs prior to pregnancy). Now, I almost have lost all the baby weight, I'm down at 106 lbs from 145 lbs before the birth, but still have a lot of excess skin in the belly area. People still think I am pregnant.

Anyone who has a tummy tuck? or possibly a different, non-surgical solution? I am afraid of the scar that tummy tuck would leave behind.

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Apr 02, 2012
post-partum belt?
by: Anonymous

I'm 5'1" and 96 lbs pre-pregnancy, now in my 33rd week at 142 lbs. I'm thinking about a post-partum belt to help put it all back together and to support my back. Bellefit sounds good based on my research. Have you tried anything like that?

Jun 03, 2011
Same here
by: Anonymous

I also was little pre pregnancy i weighed 110 and gained 57lbs during my pregnancy. I lost the weight quick but like you kept the loose skin. It will go away but you have to think it took 9 months for that skin to stretch it might take double that for it to go back. My twins are now 8 months and mine is almost gone but I work out a lot, lots of cardio and ab work out help. Im giving my self 2 years before I do any type of surgery. Good Luck!

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