Exercise During Twin Pregnancy

So, can you still exercise during twin pregnancy? When a woman finds out she's expecting twins everyone wants to tell her to take it easy, that she needs to get her rest and stay off of her feet (and this is sometimes true). Out of control hormones during twin pregnancy can certainly make a woman feel like she wants to sleep and eat all the time. But, we know that too much of those things isn't necessarily good for anyone. Even though you are faced with a special pregnancy, there are still ways to get some exercise. Just remember, only you know your particular medical history, so always check with your doctor before taking up any activity during your unique pregnancy. Because of an elevated risk of preterm labor with twins, your exercises may need to be a bit lighter or stopped completely a bit earlier than that of a woman carrying a singleton. For this reason, a qualified healthcare professional will always be able to best advise you every step of the way.

Your Attitude Towards Exercise During Twin Pregnancy Counts

A lot of women don't really want to hear about exercise when they are pregnant. And with twins, they even wonder how it could be possible. "It's time to sit down not jump around", some may reason. But, exercise during twin pregnancy can be good for both mother and babies. You don't have to go at it hard and heavy to get the most out of your workouts. Light exercise may even boost your energy level.

If you were working out before you got pregnant, you are in a good position to keep going at a similar level. There won't be the soreness stage since you are no stranger to exercise. Though, your doctor may ask you to turn down the intensity since there's twins on board now.

I have found that most women carrying twins were able to keep a routine that was close to what they were doing pre-pregnancy, but with modifications based on factors specific to their pregnancies. For example, one mother who enjoyed running, was able to continue this for the first few months of her twin pregnancy while lessening the distance. She then resorted to brisk walking after the 4th month, as per her doctor's advice. She also had a very healthy pregnancy without any complications, so again, ask your doctor first.

Remember to keep a positive attitude even if your work outs have to be totally modified. Your pregnancy is temporary and you'll likely be able to get back to the routine you love within a short time after giving birth.

Benefits of Exercise During Twin Pregnancy

One benefit of exercise is to lessen those pregnancy symptoms. Walking is a great exercise that most anyone can do. Choose a flat surface with no hilly or gravel covered sections. This will lower your chances of taking a tumble. Walking increases cardiovascular health to ease those swollen ankles and sore back that us moms carrying twins become pretty familiar with.

Exercise can help you to sleep more soundly too. This is true even if you aren't pregnant. After an exercise session, the body relaxes much better. The muscles are limber and you can peacefully float off to dreamland, at least that‘s the hope. And all the better to get rest now, before you bring your twins home!

Types of Exercise During Twin Pregnancy

What types of exercise should you engage in now that you're expecting two? Well, we already touched on the benefits of walking and how it helps to lessen some pregnancy symptoms. Another great activity is swimming. Even during the winter, YMCA's and gyms have heated indoor pools so you can continue your laps or other water exercises in relative comfort. Or maybe this becomes your new routine once pregnant.

Water also has the effect of making us feel weightless. No matter how heavy you are while carrying twins, you can glide through the water and get a good workout. There is no jarring or bouncing to agitate the babies either. Swimming strengthens back and abdominal muscles, not to mention the quads from all the kicking. These areas will definitely need to be in shape when it comes time for labor and delivery.

Who says that exercise during pregnancy has to be boring? Take a special yoga class, walk with a friend or another mom, or buy home exercise videos for pregnancy. Especially calming is pregnancy yoga. The moves go from easy to complex with an easy peaceful pace. If you don't have a local yoga studio that offers this, there are plenty of pregnancy yoga videos you can order on the web for very reasonable prices.

Don't use pregnancy as a vacation, especially if you're already used to staying fit. Exercise for better health for you and your babies. Whether you're an exercising veteran or you are just starting out, always be sure to check with your doctor prior to starting any workout routine after you become pregnant. When you get good advice and listen to your body, staying in shape while pregnant will be easier than you think.

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