Fear Of Twin Skin!

by Sam
(Denmark, Hillerød)

I'm 29 years old, first time pregnant in my 28th week with un-identical boys Twins. Things were ok until I started hearing about Twin Skin and saw some photos. It's devasting for me to think that this will soon happen to my body. So far I haven't gained more weight than I should, I'm eating healthy, drinking a lot of water and using non-perfumed cream on my belly every day. I also haven't seen any significant stretch marks on my belly so far. The pregnancy books I have seem to go lightly over this topic, but online researching seems to be more negative news than positive, as if it's a given that pregnant women with twins will get twin skin.

I'm not sure how I should address this issue and from what angle should I base my research and more importantly how much do I really have to fear? My mother didn't have strech marks when she gave birth to me, neither did she have twin skin, but then hers was a singleton pregnancy....
Post delivering I intend to excercise and do my best to gain back my form.

Any twin moms can offer advice?

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Oct 13, 2009
Updates on my Stretch Marks so far... (Week 36)
by: Sam

HI All (especially Me to, Me to!),

I've been reading the comments I received and want to thank everyone for their support, it is nice how we women get together :-).
I also want to give an update on how my twin pregnancy with un-identical boys is going; I will be starting week 36 in the next few days. I've discovered that every country and every doctor has its different views about when twin pregnancies should be induced, my doctor here in Denmark has decided to enduce it on Week 38 (3rd of Nov). When the doctor told me this a few weeks ago I panicked a bit and got worried on the toll it would take on my body, but now a few weeks later I'm still feeling great, full of energy and litle inconviences that aren't worth (turning from side to side at night, somedays heartburn, and sometimes a litle back pain). Going back to when I wrote my remark and all the results I got about twin pregnancies when I was doing my research, I realize now that every pregnancy is different and not all women should have to go through the same thing. Maybe having a very supportive husband also is helping me, or it is just my body....
Concerning weight and strech marks, well, I haven't gained a lot of weight (at least not as much as they tell you you would with twin pregnanices) in total around 15KGs and the weight of the boys is very good as well, its not low at all. I am putting a cream on my belly every night, not coconut or oil like i've read, I rather chose to go with a non-perfumed cream that we bought from the pharmacy (I would've given the name, but I think it is only available here in Denmark).
So the message I wanted to send across to a mom to be who is maybe as freaked out as I was in the beginning of my pregnancy is not to think too much ahead but rather take it a day at a time. Don't ruin the time of your pregnancy panicking over things that might not be relevant in the first place, fight things as they come and try to be as healthy as possible, both for you and for the babies.
I will try and write again after I give birth (if I have the time by then) and give an update on how I'm coping.
Good Luck to all moms!!

Oct 12, 2009
by: Anonymous

i'm scared out of my mind over this as well. i'm 17 wks with twin girls and nothing...YET, but i have had 3 other pregnancies and never got mark, does that help my odds or are all bets off? i think there is a difference between vanity and wanting to look your best for your own peace of mind and well being, not for other people. i see nothing wrong with wanting to take pride in your appearance and be scared over such things, despite the blessings in return, we are human, and woman are under such pressure to look like this or that. it's sad really. but being from low self esteem as is, and know i need nothing more to harm it, i pray i get lucky and am spared the twin skin and extreme battle scars i have also seen onlin, tho seems odds are against it. if you gave birth how did things turn out for you? good luck!

Sep 24, 2009
Mommy badges blah
by: Anonymous

I have 6 month old fraternal twins..and while I am so busy I have had time to notice..but not yet do anything about my flap as I call it..I love my babies and feel super blessed to have them..but yes..your skin will take more of a beating with a twin pregnancy than with a singleton..I had two single pregnancies first and no stretch marks or jowls of the dog..but these twins have taken a toll on my body..all you can do is try to stay in shape..and lotion that belly! I've heard alot of people call the nasty flab and scars mommy badges..but please..i wanna be a hot mom!

Aug 22, 2009
Twin Skin
by: Anonymous

Hi Sam, Congrats on your Fraternal boys! What a blessing! I actually gained less weight with my twins than with my singleton. literature often states a 40-50 lb weight gain with twins is normal and I had prepared myself for the worst. I gained 35 lbs with my daughter and did not have any residual stretch marks. With my boys I gained 33 lbs and was all baby. I stretched terribly at the end but now almost 5 months later they have faded significantly. I have 10 lbs to lose and have a little belly that is what you would call twin skin. Except for some cosmetic surgery I'm sure I will always keep it.
While weight gain during any pregnancy is an individual thing, pregnancy is always hard on the body and will cause physical changes. As hard as losing our girlish bodies might be, count your blessings for the little miracles you are about to have and consider the changes a badge of motherhood. :)

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