Flutter Feeling At 7 Weeks With Twins

Is it normal to have a Flutter Fealing at 7 weeks. I have flutter right below right breast and was amazed to be feeling this. Is this normal to happen early when having twins??

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Jul 15, 2021
Flutters from 7 weeks
by: Anonymous

I'm now 10 weeks 4 days. I have flutters from 7 weeks. I have an ultrasound scheduled at 13 weeks and I have a strong feeling it's gonna be twins.

Jun 28, 2019
by: Anonymous

I also feel something in my stomach, I'm now have 7 weeks, l feel is a twin this started when I have 4 weeks. Now my tummy is big as I have 3 months pregnant.

Dec 29, 2018
Trying to see if I'm having twins
by: Anonymous

Hello I'm 7 weeks pregnant lately all I do is sleep all day and fill cramping in my stomach what does that mean

Sep 22, 2018
Dunno if I could be having multiple babies
by: Anonymous

I am just 7 weeks pregnant and feel fluttering painful movement in my right and left abdomen.. Been feeling that way since I was about 4_5weeks old.. This pains occurs especially when I lay face the right side on my bed.. Pls I need an answer to this.. Thanks

Jun 27, 2018
by: Ciera

You feel everything early with twins..everything happens earlier as well. I had twins and I remember already feeling like their was more than one because I could feel flutters and little movement at 5 or6weeks.and I had just found out I was pregnant at 4wks. (SOON AS I MISSED MY PERIOD) with singleton I didnt know I was pregnant until a almost 2months..

May 10, 2018
by: Anonymous

Nine weeks with twins. Total flutters.

Dec 29, 2016
I am having twins
by: Catina Ogunmokun

I went to my appointment today they said that I was 7 weeks and 5 days they see one baby the other one they don't see at all. so now they're telling me I gotta come back next week. Every week I've been going to appointments because it's too early in the pregnancy and they're not able to see anything, so I asked the doctor, is the other one dead.. how do you not see the other one? So I'm stressed and I'm confused because I don't understand and I've never been pregnant with two babies.

Apr 23, 2015
7-8 weeks pregnant
by: Shannon

okay this is my 9 pregnancy have 2 children I miscarried 4 and had one complete molar pregnancy, I found out I was pregnant in march, I am considered a high risk when it comes to pregnancies, so I phone BC woman's hospital and they scheduled me in for a ultrasound but when was getting it done, it was still to early to see anything, 2 weeks later I was about 6 weeks I found out I was pregnant with twins. so I have another ultrasound coming up on the 29 of April, I look like I'm 4 months pregnant, with my other pregnancies I started showing at 3 months, I'm only 7-8 weeks along, and I think I can feel something moving around. I hardly get morning sickness, just nauseous every once and awhile, I get heartburns like crazy and I'm extremely tired all the time is anyone else going through these?

Apr 19, 2014
Possible twins ?
by: Angela Barrone

I am 7-8 weeks along and I have had 5 kids and triplets however lost them at 22 weeks along 12 years ago !! I am now 7-8 weeks along and at around 5 weeks they thought I was misscarying because my hcg went down a little from 160 to 120 and I bled but low and behold it shot back up a week later and here I am a month and a half later and I am showing at 8 weeks and I feel flutters at night because that's when I eat because I'm sick during the day !! I have had a few multiple pregnancies so I have a feeling it's multiple because I have never felt movement any earlier than 13 weeks before !! I have felt movement on left and right side ! Also I am up a size in pants :( what's your thoughts anyone else ? I don't have an ultrasound for another 2 weeks :(

Jul 28, 2012
Need to know!
by: Anonymous

I honestly don't know and it's driving me batty, being extremely hormonal doesn't help. I've had 5 pregnancies, 1 live birth, and feeling flutters like lil waves of gushing fluid in my lower belly and mid left side since 10 weeks! I'm so focused on it that I mentally try to distinguish ech movement from gas or internal organ movements, it's literally consumed my everything! My symptoms are far more extreme that my singleton pregnancy, but not ridiculously overboard, other than my emotions, out of control! I'm 12 weeks now, got a US in 4days with a trained tech. My 8 week US was done by nurse practitioner, vaginally, and saw just one, any feedback would be great! Thanks!

Jan 14, 2010
by: Julie

I had 'fluttery' feelings very very early too, long before I knew I was having twins. I knew it was way to early to feel a baby moving, I mean it was not even the size of a bean yet! However, now knowing it was twins, your uterus grows so much more rapidly with multiples that you are likely feeling stretching of different muscles and tendons. I felt the flutters for several weeks, then later felt ligament pains periodically for months, nothing major just very noticeable. Good luck!

Jul 27, 2009
by: Anonymous

Well I see my doctor next week and will be finding out if we have more than one baby. I just have a big feeling it's two because of all the flutter's I'm having.

Also all my organs are pushed all the way up under my breast. Has this happened to anyone?

Jul 27, 2009
by: Anonymous

I would say it's a possibility that you could be having twins. I'm about as far along as you and also feeling a lot of movement. Mine is down lower though. It feels like I have an octopus moving around in my stomach. Ultrasound or Sonogram, whichever, is the best way to determine if you're having more than one baby. Congrats on the pregnancy.

Jul 25, 2009
by: Lynda


I thought since I'm probably carrying more than one baby that this is normal. I have another week to go to see if we are having more than one baby. But I look like I'm 4 months pregnant so feel like it's more than one. The movements, pains etc.

Did not have these symptoms till later with my pregnancy with my daughter.

Thanks again!!

Jul 24, 2009
by: elizabeth

I would say it would be early to be that high... but then again my son was way up there at 13 weeks soo.... you could and congratz on the pregnancy

20 weeks boy/girl

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