Fraternal or Identical?

by Collin

early u/s showed two sacs

early u/s showed two sacs

Hi! So I'm almost 20 weeks now, and we just found out there are two boys in there! There has been some debate over whether they are fraternal or identical. First saw two yolk sacs at 6 weeks or so, then still 2 at 8 weeks. Saw two babies at 10 weeks and were told they would be mono/mono twins. Found the membrane at 12wks and OB said it looked like we'd have two placentas and he thought they'd very likely be fraternal.

Had the last ultrasound done this week at 19w4d and the tech who did it swears they are identical. She only saw one placenta, but I know sometimes they can fuse together. Both babies have always measured one day apart at the most, but usually the same.

They look identical to us, based on what we've seen on the internet, but it's hard not to believe my doctor! He's seen way more ultrasounds than I have. I thought it was obvious since they're in the same sac and not separated by a thick membrane, but he said it's not always that easy to tell.

We don't care either way, but I'm curious to see what someone else thinks. I'll post a few pictures on here and let me know what you think! Thanks!

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Oct 11, 2017
by: Anonymous

I would guess fraternal because you can visualize your ovaries in the posted ultrasound and it looks like you ovulated from both the right and left

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