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Right at a year with my twins and now I have the chance to look up info. about twins, I so wish I had the chance while carrying them, so many nights dead awake. Thank You for this site And GOD bless you all. and the babies we have:)
~ Monica - Texas, United States

Love the site! Very informational. Expecting set of twins in May 2010.
~ Leah - Wisconsin, United States

What a wonderful website! I am so glad I found you when I ws looking for my cousin Dawn.
~ Kathleen Ann - Wilmington, North Carolina, United States

Great Site. My daughter is having twin boys the end of the year.
~ Christine - North Caorlina, United States

So excited about the twins photo contest, it's these little things that keep us Twin Mommy's happy. Thank you again!
~ Alyson - New York, United States

I feel blessed to have twins, and through this site I can learn more about them and how to raise them well, I appreciate other parents' contribution. .
~ Ghada - Kuwait

Very interesting site, thanks.
~ Lucy - United Kingdom

I look forward to learning from those who have had twins before me.
~ Erica - California, United States

I love it!
~ Gabby - California, United States

Hi sassy-K sassysite, mama! Just 'dropped in' to say hi:-)
~ sassymamaPaulaKxoxo - Australia

Some great stuff here! Hope you'll come visit my twin site sometime. Thanks!
~ Stephanie - From - Illinois, United States

Great informative site!
~ Jennifer - Florida, United States

I am so happy to find this site. I am very new to twins and scared at the same time. I am a 30 year old single mom with 2 boys already. My oldest is 9 and my youngest will be 1 on 2/10. My twins will be born on 7/31/09, maybe sooner and I cannot wait. Thank you for this site!
~ Leia - California, United States

I am so glad I found your website! I am 23, with a 5 year old and twin 2 year olds! I just found out I am having twins again. I am 9 weeks and have alot to get ready for! Your website has it all!
~ Kayleen - Michigan, United States

It's always fun reading about twins, being a twin (having a idential twin sister). Being a mother of idential twin girls, it's fun to see other twins and know how it feels to have one. it's a great experience. And knowing what my mother went through.
~ Latinakonchee - Vineland, New Jersey, United States

I would like to say your website is brillant and very helpful.
~ Lorna - Munster, Ireland

This site is terrific, I am pregnant for the first time and it is with twin girls and this site has helped me with alot of questions that I had.
~ Kassi - Louisiana, United States

~ Layla - United Kingdom

I found this website when I was about 9 weeks pregnant and thought to myself... I wish they had something like this for a singlet pregnancy. What a great site! Little did I know, 3 weeks later, we were having twins! I love this site and I love that I can find the majority of my questions answered all in one spot. Great job!
~ Kathryn - Ontario, Canada

This site is terrific, thanx for all the info and insight on expecting twins! Great photo gallery!
~ Keyaak - Maryland, United States

I am pregnant with my second set of twins! They are due 7/2/09, but I will probably have them at the end of May. I like your website. Very interesting.
~ Ginger - Texas, United States

Great help for someone who was just told she is having twins, answered a lot of my questions.
~ Amber - Australia

Great sight, thnaks for the info!
~ Joyce Denis - New York, United States

Wow! How could I miss this site before? I am mother of twin girls and I am interested in everything related with twins. You have information about almost everything! I read it all!
~ Natalia - Ontario, Canada

Having this sight is great!
~ Joenisha - Washington, United States

I just love your site and can't tell you how much I appreciate it! Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful resource!
~ Stacey - Washington, United States

Thanks for all the great info! I'm a twin and I learned a lot of things I didnt know about myself :)
~ Audrey - United States

Hi, Thanks for the informative website. I'm 20 weeks pregnant with identical twin boys and this is first pregnancy, so your website was a life saver for me. Thanks a million !
~ Tebza - Gauteng, South Africa

Excellent site it's helped me alot. My twins are due 1.1.09
~ Hanna - United Kingdom

Great Twin Website!! Thanks for the help.
~ Dawn Arana - New Mexico, United States

I absolutely love this site. Ever since I found out that I was having twins this site has been my favorite, it's the only one I have found that can answer all my questions and concerns. Thank you:)
~ Santana - Saskatchewan, Canada

I have twin girls - Ryleigh and Lacye, 10 months old. This site has neat products and useful info!
~ Jill - Texas, United States

What a great site! You covered almost all about twins. Very informative and should be a guidance for twins parents. Keep up the good work!
~ Icon - Indonesia

Hi, I just wanted to comment on how great I think your website is. I am 22wks preg with twinnies, my 3rd and 4th chn, and have only now just come across your site. Thank you for the wonderful information and advice you have included. I look forward to referring to it constantly now. Kind Regards, Kym :)
~ Kym - Australia

I just discovered your site tonight. I think it is great. I am 31 weeks pregnant with identical twin boys. I have been a little discouraged with information or lack there of on the internet about twins. But your site has it all together in one place. Thank You!
~ Abby - United States

I wanted to thank you for this site. Not only am I a first time mom but am pregnant with twins at that so i am a little nervous! It was comforting to see many of the thoughts that I had here on these pages and I really appreciated the reviews of products and essentials that are needed. I heartfully thank you!
~ Amy - United States

I love this site!
~ Jessica - Albany, New York, United States

Nice to sign this website....a success!
~ Pitercentre - Indonesia

I just wanted to say how grateful I am for this website! There is nothing else like it on the internet. Thank you for all the valuable info!
~ W - United States

Great Website!
~ Carmen - Texas, United States

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