Having Trouble Sharing!

by Angel
(Albuquerque, NM)

Hi, I'm having trouble with one of my twins refusing to share with his brother. One is totally easy going and never has a problem giving up a toy. But the other one constantly grabs toys from his brother and even pushes him. They're 23 months old and my husband and I have been doing our best to diffuse the situation when it arrises, but feel bad to always be reprimanding just one of our boys...even though we seem to need to. Any advice?

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Feb 25, 2009
Two of each
by: Karen

I have twin boys also. They're 5 yrs now, and I still find myself buying two of everything. This is a tough one because sometimes you want them to play with different toys and stuff and they just always want to play with the same thing. I have tried getting them each something that was a little different...like a dump truck for one and a race car for the other, but they would tend to fight over their toys more if they were different. As they got older this was easier to deal with because I could reason with them more, but I still have to get them each the same thing. It sounds like one of your boys is pretty mellow, so see if anything changes if they both get the same toys.

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