Help! 12 Month Old Twins With Another Set Of Twins On The Way...

by Lisa
(Cleveland OH)

OMG I have 12 month old fraternal twins and am 3
months along with fraternal twins AGAIN! I can't believe this happened I totally thought it would be impossible to have another set of twins! I had hoped for a singleton! Like seriously what the heck am I gonna do?!

The 4 of them will be just 18 months apart if I carry to term. I'm VERY afraid. I will have to nurse and cloth diaper for financial reasons in addition to Potty training the older ones.

How will I cook, clean, do laundry, feed 4 babies while getting any sleep? Hubby isn't very hands on and NO family support living nearby to help. I'm trying to feel blessed but I'm depressed and anxious!

Any moms out there in this situation? I need support and advice please!!

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Jun 15, 2015
A Mom Who Understands the Pressure!
by: Kishonda Roman

While I may not be going through the same situation of having to set of multiples back to back. I do have the no hands on husband as well with it comes to the little babies. I think every once in a while he may change a diaper. Diapers do cist and if you can do cloth diapers with them, then I say that is an awesome job. I am a mom of eight children which includes my 9 month of fraternal twins and right before them is a two year old. 8 kids under the age of 12 and they are at least one or 2 years age difference between them. You will do great; I believe in you. Do what you know how to do best (be the greatest mom in your own strength and do not let others says words say you are doing a poor job or how can you be so crazy of getting pregnant again. You will be fine; I know you will. Trust your motherly instinct and stay strong. It is stuff seemingly raising kids on your own with a husband around, but this is why we are equipped to be a mom and not them. It is not in their DNA Lol. I think they would their mind and then be put in a but house because of being a mom is not an easy task, but is worth it. I am sorry that I could not give enough advice on this, but of eight ( which in my kids ages of one or two years apart under the age of 12, it is said I have what they call Irish twins and or triplets. Congrats and if you need me to pray for you, then I will. If you need to speak more; my email is: mrs.roman1@hot Hope this came out with little to know misspelling errors. I am using my phone and taking care of twins and other children right now. Busy mommy, but worth it!!!

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