How Are The Last Months, Are They Painfull?

I do have to go on to bed rest. I want to know everything...

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Oct 06, 2010
35 weeks
by: Anonymous

Im 35 weeks with twin girls and have been out of work for over a month (time off has more to do with the fact im a correctional officer and the danger of being around lifers who will hurt you) but it has been a hard time the whole time now because one of the twins are so high I have a pain that is similar to a broken or brused ribs and I cant sleep at all. The other hard part is the braxton hicks contractions come and go more then with my son but you have to think about your babies lungs and just deal with being in pain for a few weeks

Aug 14, 2009
not to bad
by: Janis

I am 35 weeks 2 days expected to give birth at any time. I am huge my babies weigh (boy)5.14 and (girl)6.5 this is my first pregnancy and nothing to compare it to. Recently in the last week they have put so much pressure on my pelvic bone that it does hurt to walk, my lower back hurts sometimes, and I am starting to swell on my feet. To me though this has been a very easy pregnancy. I do have stretch marks going both ways now and some are ripping open in the middle. The ones that are horizontal just look like little paper cuts and those are the ones that are opening. It sounds really bad but the opening doesn't look bad my stomach is just really red now. Don't worry though because I don't think that happens with most people my skin just wont stretch any further.

Aug 09, 2009
by: Anonymous

I am 34 weeks with twins and am totally exhausted. I was exhausted the whole pregnancy. I have been off work now from working full time and it has helped a lot. Mostly the back pain is bad for me at the end. I know when I see them it will be worth it all.

Jun 16, 2009
by: Anonymous

Great question! I am right behind you!

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