How Do You Go Shopping With Twins?

by Amanda
(Rockford IL)

I have been reading on here how some moms take their twin babies grocery shopping with them. I have 7 month old twin boys and I can't take them shopping with me. How do you guys do it?? I'm a single mom too, so if I DO take them with I have to find another adult to help either push the cart or the stroller. How do you do it alone?? It would be so nice to just be able to go and not have to find help or a babysitter, any advice would be great! Thanks!!

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Aug 14, 2016
Binxy Baby Hammocks
by: Ava

I have been using the Binxy Baby Hammocks in the shopping cart. I just found that they were more comfortable for my little ones (they're now 7 months).

You can basically just clip them onto the cart and they pack up real small so they can just go in my diaper bag. I usually put them so that my twins face eachother and have some entertainment with eachother. It can be somewhat tricky placing the groceries around the babies, but all in all it works like a charm for us.

I always get stopped by people too when I'm using the

I got mine from which also has a bunch of stuff for twins.

Aug 11, 2016
Buggy Bench
by: Anonymous

I purchased a Buggy Bench. One kid sits in the shopping cart seat and the other in the Buggy Bench. It leaves about half the cart space to fill with groceries!

Oct 03, 2011
Check into ordering groceries
by: Anonymous

I have 7 month b/g twins and I don't take them with me to the grocery store - too much to keep up with! I found that one of the local grocery store chains offers grocery delivery. I order what I need online and for a small fee ($14 but totally worth it) they will shop, bag it up, and deliver to my kitchen for me!!!! It is wonderful. Check into some of the stores in your area.

Jul 10, 2011
Side-By-Side Stroller
by: Anonymous

I when shopping I use our double stroller stroller. Its a side-by-side jogger. I just pile as many groceries in the top of it and in the basket in the bottem. It has been a godsent! We had a front and back stroller and it was like driving a bus. So we got a side-by-side. Its nice when the kids can see and it reduces fights. Hope this helps. Also if you can go to a store with two seater carts!

Apr 18, 2010
Double Stroller and Cart
by: Anonymous

I push my twin boys in their double stroller and then put the cart to my side (so push the stroller with your right hand and then hold onto the side of the cart with your left) and push them up and down the aisles. Corners are a little tricky but it is easier than it sounds. Oh I also make sure my purse/diaper bag is on my stroller and sometimes just leave my cart at the end of the aisle go grab what I need with just my stroller and toss it in the cart when I get back to the end of the aisle. Hope that makes sense!

Apr 05, 2010
try this
by: Anonymous

How about wearing one in an infant carrier and putting the other one in the seat in the cart? This would give you the whole cart for groceries. My twins are only six weeks old so i haven't done this yet but if i have to go alone that is what i'm going to try.

Apr 05, 2010
shopping with twins
by: Anonymous

If the store has a double carrying cart, I'm a huge fan of that store! My grocery store (Hannaford and Walmart) both have them. Some even have the little cars that my kids love. At 7 months I think they may have been in their infant car seats (??) If so, I would put one in the front of the cart and one inside the cart itself and load my groceries around the car seats. Not ideal I know but it worked for me. Now, my twins are almost two and if the store doesn't have the double carrying cart (or if they're not available) then I take in two carriages and push one in front of me and drag one behind me. I hope this helps. I know it can be a struggle but hang in there.

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