How Do You Potty Train Twins?

by Cara

I'm wondering how to even go about potty training twins. I have g/b twins almost 2 1/2 yrs old and feeling sort of lost.

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Apr 09, 2009
potty training twins
by: motherof2boys

i bought 2 little bucket pottys from walmart. at about 2 1/2 i started potty training my boys. i left the pottys out in the living room. at first i had my boys in underpants to be ready to go quickly if necessary. i think im very lucky they got it quick. they wanted to go all the time once they figured out they could control it. that happened in less than a couple weeks. i also had tons of stickers as rewards for them to put on or on their pottys (they loved to decorate the potty). i tried m&ms but then they'd go every 5 min leaving a drop of urine for a treat. sing and dance to a "potty song". they love praise. now they are 3 years old...i have to teach them how to clean their own bum. good luck with potty training!

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