How Early Did You Feel Movement With Twins?

by Kendra

I'm just curious about when any of you felt fetal movement with your twins. I am just 10 weeks along and I thought I might be feeling them move...not sure though (first pregnancy for me). Anyone care to share?

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Aug 06, 2021
Fetal movement twins
by: Anonymous

This is my 3rd pregnancy and I am positive I feel them moving at 13 weeks.

Nov 02, 2020
Movement with twins at 12 weeks
by: Anonymous

I am 12 weeks with fraternal twins, and this is my fourth pregnancy. I can feel the babies moving at this point, though I suspect its because I am quite small, and because I have been through this so many times before that I know exactly what it feels like lol

Nov 02, 2019
by: Anonymous

This is my first pregnancy, but I def started feeling them fluttering around 11-12 weeks. It was really subtle and hard to distinguish between gas that early especially with how squished everything feels but there were just different sensations I had never felt. At 13 weeks I could start to feel them more distinctly, like muscle twitches, and one time in the bath I could almost feel them outside with my hand. A midwife had asked if I was feeling them around that time too, saying that around 10 weeks you can often start feeling the flutters, so it's def possible. Now at 14 weeks, I'm feeling a lot of movement! This morning they were super active while I was crouched down and I noticed when I activate my abdominal/pelvic muscles I could feel them more distinctly so I did that while palpitating (I'm a massage therapist) and felt a very distinct push back! I'm very in tune with my body so I may be a dif case but if it's unlike anything you've felt before it's very likely them.

Oct 29, 2018
Babies moving
by: Anonymous

I am 10 weeks pregnant and feeling the babies move when I lay down or I’m sitting still. Just little taps and flutters for now. This is my sixth pregnancy.

Nov 26, 2014
I felt them as early as 10 weeks
by: Anonymous

This is my third pregnancy so that probably has something to do with it, but I was feeling flutters as early as 10 weeks, and yesterday I was listening to some really bass driven music, (I am a DJ lol) and felt unmistakable fetal movement. It was so awesome.

Dec 09, 2012
You're not crazy
by: Babs

I felt the flutters between 8-10 weeks. My nurse later told me (after finding they were twins) that she thought that was very unusual. She said a lot of symptoms I talked about prior to them knowing there were two in there sounded odd but she didn't comment at the time. Apparently she just thought I was crazy initially!!!

Jun 27, 2012
Early movement with twins
by: Anonymous

I am 12 weeks along with my first pregnancy. I've been feeling little flutterings for about 2 weeks now. We had our first ultrasound two days ago and found out we are having twins. I had been feeling the flutters off and on all day and was feeling them pretty good when we were at the doctor. The doctor stopped and let us watch baby 2 squirm around. Guess I know who number 2 takes after and it's not me haha

Jun 04, 2010
fetal movement
by: Anonymous

I'm 12wks pregnant with twins and I felt the same fluttering in my belly as the first pregnancy a couple of days ago. Very exciting!

Mar 28, 2010
by: Anonymous

I think I felt my twins move when i was around 17 weeks I was lyin in bed and it was around 10pm n it felt like i had butterflies all up the middle of my stomach. Im now not sure if it was the babies because I havnt felt them move again! :*(

Jul 18, 2009
3rd month
by: Anonymous

This is my first pregnancy too, and in my third month I was laying on the floor and had my hand on the little lump they started and it felt like a small little bubble went across my hand. Craziest feeling I ever felt. Now at 31 weeks they move my whole stomach from side to side.

Mar 23, 2009
by: Nikki

I felt movement at 14 weeks. I knew it had to be them because it was off and on and in the same place. It was confirmed because i went to the doctor right after that and thats where they found them in the ultrasound.

Mar 12, 2009
by: Cheri

I thought I felt early fluttering at 12 and 13 weeks, but I also keep seeing articles about how small the babies are at that gestational age, and I am now wondering if it was just gas. Typically with 1st pregnancies, you won't feel movement until around 18 to 22 wks. Subsequent pregnancies could be much earlier. I am 15 1/2 wks now, and if I am feeling baby movement (which I think I am at times)it is still very spontaneous.

Have a good one.

Mar 12, 2009
baby movements
by: bianca

i was about 18 weeks when i felt my babies move. although at first i thought it was gas. but my doctor told that is was the babies!

Mar 11, 2009
11 weeks
by: Anonymous

I swear I felt my twins around 11 weeks pregnant, but it was a second pregnancy for me so maybe that helped. congrats to you!

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