How Many Do I Need With Twins?

by Nicole

I am 20 weeks pregnant with my first set of twins. I do have two other children as well, one 9 and the other 2. We just moved away from all family and friends. I would have never done if I knew this was about to happen. Add fuel to my fire, my husband works out of town 3 weeks out of the month. I don't know anyone with twins so what are the must have needs? Should I buy a lot of preemie pampers? How many bottles? Like I said before, I have a 2 year old so do I need a double stroller or one for three?

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Nov 04, 2012
less than you think
by: kay weller

go with a double stroller. but buy a baby carrier. by the time the twins outgrow the carrier your 2 yr old will be able to walk when on walks or shopping (id use a harness) buy one of the twin bassinets and then when they out gro that use one crib witha divider in it (you can find this at ) if you want to keep your 2 yr old in a stroller buy a double and an umbrella stroller then get a stroller conector which is much cheaper than a triple stroller. two seperate high chairs work nice and if you get two portable swings instead of full sized it saves room. although they have these high chair swing combos if you wanted to save money. the bottles with the straws in them not sure the name work wonders! you just place them in boppy pillows and strap them in or in bouncer seats and they can eat at the same time while you do things like make the other children lunch ect. bouncers in the bath is how i washed my twins at the same time until they could sit on their own. ( i put three in there one for each to sit in and one next to it to take them one by one out of the water. put on in the bouncers strapped and wrapped in a towl and take the other out of the water thendrain it and carry them both into their room) i would go with just newborn diapers mabye by 3 or 4 packs of primie but keep the recept incase they end up being big.) have fun good luck and try taking some breast feeding classes or birthing classes to make some firend who could help you when they come. your a mom already so im sure you will do judt fine! i raised my twins on my own and it wasnt as hard as i was told it was going to be!

Nov 26, 2011
thank you!
by: Anonymous

Thank you! I was really confused but after researching and finally deciding on that page! thank you!

Nov 11, 2011
Cloth diapers
by: Sara

They're not bad at all! The link in the last message has everything you need (except the fasteners; we use Snappi). For washing, we have a high efficiency washer. We use Charlie's Soap, and use the following settings to wash: set it to cotton, use hot water, and add an extra rinse.

When they're little, the diaper liners can be cut in half so they last double the time.

Let me know what specific questions you have. We had (and are having) a really positive experience with them. Not to mention the ton of cash we're saving!

Nov 11, 2011
by: caitlin

Im so confused on cloth diapers im 18 weeks prego with twin boy/girl!! im so excited but the price of disposables are horrible and all of it is confusing me! Help!

Oct 30, 2011
Must have's
by: Sara

Hi there! Congrats on the twins. I was in the same boat (minus the hubby travel). We moved down to TX, and most of my family and friends are in PA. It's it's doable!

As far as bottles go, I would say at a minimum, have 12. My twins (four months now) fed like clockwork every three hours (and still do sometimes). If you want to be able to get through the day without washing, 18-20 might be better. We love the Dr. Brown bottles. Babies R Us sometimes run sales where Dr. Browns stuff is buy one get one half off.

As far as diapers go, I can't really say. We went with cloth, as disposables for twins is an insane amount of money. There were days where we were going through 36 diapers....a day! We went with this package: For about $375, we will be able to diaper our kiddos for a year. We use Charlies Soap to wash the diapers and all of our clothes, and it works great (obviously, we don't was the clothes with the diapers). It's not that much extra work for the financial pay off. Plus, our kiddos have only had a diaper rash once so far.

I'm not sure if I helped with your questions (the twins are our only kids, so I can't speak to what to do with others), but feel free to post if you have more questions and I'll do my best to answer.

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