How Stupid!

by Diane Baker
(W Yorks England)

I've had, "are they identical" (they are boy/girl). I've been asked how old one is then how old the other is after saying they are twins. And, I've been told they can't be twins because one is a boy & one is a girl!

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Feb 19, 2013
Come on people!
by: Christy

I have people that argue all the time that they know someone that has boy/girl identical twins. You try to nicely educate but they argue. I have a coworker that says "I think I should know! My cousins are identical twins and they are boy/girl. They look exactly alike and have the same mole!" Don't people know the definition of identical, as in the same? You are not the same if you are a different sex.

Nov 14, 2012
by: Tammy

We answer the question by saying 5 or 10 minutes older. LOL

Sep 10, 2012
question from dad of twins
by: Anonymous

I was still pregnant at the time with boy/girl twins. I was over at my friend's house, she's a twin-fraternal girl-when her dad asked what I was having. I told him they were boy/girl and then he asked if they were identical or not. Since my friend was there she got onto him really quickly for that one, and at least he knew exactly how he sounded. That let us have quite a good laugh.

Aug 05, 2011
Be blunt
by: Anonymous

My sister got frustrated with stupid questions over her boy/girl twins that she just says you have to answer in a way that makes them feel as stupid as you think they are, so she says: "Yes, they're identical, my daughter has a matching penis!" Seriously. I don't think I could say that! I've tried, I've had the opportunity a few times while babysitting them, and I could never work up the nerve to say it, but I wish I did!

Aug 05, 2011
b/g twins
by: Anonymous

I am having boy/girl twins and when someone asked me if I knew whether tey were identical and I said no they actually felt sorry for me! As if that is the only real and acceptable set of twins!

Apr 28, 2011
Get it all the time!
by: Anonymous

I have 6 month old boy/girl twins and I will have them dressed in blue and pink and still get are they identical, or are they two boys??? Really people come on wheres your common sense.

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