How to Have Twin Babies
Two Lives in One Pregnancy

Want to know how to have twin babies? Yes, many women do! This is definitely one of life's mysteries that has gained support and insight through scientific explanations.

This might be a dream to some and a real blessing to others. Multiple pregnancies have been more apparent in recent years, and if you are one of the millions of couples from around the globe aiming for twins to complete their family; looking at some of the possibilities and ways of conceiving two is essential.

How to Have Twin Babies

Fertility drugs are generally used and this is associated with multiple pregnancies. However, even without the drug's presence, chances of having twins specifically the time when multiples of eggs are released or one egg split into two is viable.

Fraternal twins sprout from multiple fertilized eggs while identical twins come from one egg that is split. That's the science, but how about factors that could actually increase the chances of twin?

First, you need to look into your family tree and see if someone in your ancestry and parentage has history of twins. A gene for hyper ovulation can be inherited and this might be present to your lineage.

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The next thing to look at is your age. Are you on your late 30's or early 40's? If 'yes' then there are better chances of conceiving twins. This is explained in terms of an increased speed of ovulation. In line with this, a woman's biological clock is picking up the pace. However, you also need to understand that this is a risky stage; getting pregnant at an older age generates higher risk of health complications both to the mother and twins.

Want to know more about how to have twin babies? According to research, twins can also be conceived if the body mass is higher. This means that obese women are more likely to have twins than those leaner mothers. In accordance to this, a woman's diet also has something to do with twinning. Dairy products have chemicals paving the way for hyper ovulation and higher dosage of these food groups may actually increase the likelihood of having twins.

Another aspect to look at is on the area of experiencing multiple pregnancies in the past. If you are already a mother to twins or multiples and are expecting to have another baby then your chances are high. Based on studies, women mothering twins have four times higher chance to have another set for the second or even third time.

For those mothers who incessantly search for answers on how to have twin babies and aspire to having twins, can also go for IVF or In vitro fertilization where fertilized eggs are implanted in the uterus. You can seek professional fertility assistance that can provide you with the right measures in undergoing such treatments.

Motherhood is the best gift of all and bringing life to a child is indeed a blessing...much more if you give birth and life to two little ones in just one pregnancy!

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