"I Feel So Sorry For You"

by Dawn
(Southern Illinois)

I get this one a lot because my husband works a lot and I tend to be out with my kids alone. I'll be out with my almost 3 yr old fraternal twin daughters and some idiot will come up and say, "I feel so sorry for you." I have a temper, a bad one at that. I tend to go OFF on idiots who say this. "First, why would you say something that rude and thoughtless in front of my CHILDREN. Second off, you should really think about what you say, not all people are friendly and will blow off your blatant ignorance. I would highly recommend you walking away and very VERY fast." Usually mid speak people walk away, realizing I wasn't the best person to walk up to and be an idiot. I've had one actually tried to argue with me...I mentioned how I didn't *want* to go back to jail...she said I was going to hell and walked away. lmao

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Jan 23, 2013
Comments to yourself
by: Anonymous

I have 5 yr old B/G twins and received alot of comments like that. I was asked why would you do that to yourself. Stupid people. I also got alot of grief from people cause when i got pregnant with my twins i had a 15yr old son and 10yr old daughter. I had them when i was 16 and 20 and would not cause a thing. My husband is the father of all 4. and we have been together for 21yrs. People need to mind their own business. Keep stupid comments to themselves.
I'm a happy mommy of a 20yr old son, 15 yr old daughter and 5 yr old B/G twins and would never of changed a thing.

Jun 13, 2012
I do have my hands full
by: Sarahsupermumlol

I Lost twins 19years ago and have since had 3 boys and 3girls single pregnancies I am now expecting boy girl twins and I have always had the comment you've got your hands full . I have never been offended by this comment as I know my hands are full and they're gonna be fuller and I wouldn't trade it for anything but I agree that I hav my hands full so try to not to get annoyed its not worth it we are blessed to ave any children let alone two at a time x lots of love x

May 31, 2012
bitchy ex
by: daniella

My bfs ex who lost there twins at 10 weeks a long tyme ago she found out that im haven twins is always sayn that and any other ppl that are a round shell pull in and go o she haven twins aint u glad your not her hahaha or better u you then me it gets me so mad all i say iz at least my kids are close in age i have a 8 month old and im young (18) aleast im not old like you i know shes just jellous but come on your not in high skul nw

May 09, 2010
stupid people
by: Anonymous

I am 16 weeks preggers with twins now! When everyone found out it was twins they said "what were you thinking"???? These two will be my 4th and 5th, so i know people will have their opinions but really.... what was I thinking??? Are you serious!!!

Mar 18, 2010
Too bad one wasn't a boy!
by: Anonymous

Besides strangers saying they feel sorry for me, I also get "oh it's too bad one of them wasn't a boy then you'd have the million dollar family!" What the hell is with people? In front of my daughters, given they are too young to understand, but still!
I feel like saying "yeah well it's too bad you weren't born with a brain!"

Mar 01, 2010
Sigh! Some people!
by: TwinJoys

When I was pregnant & people found out I was having twins, they would look all happy & excited...until they found out that it was two boys.

You would think that I was given some sort of punishment, not two precious blessings! It always made me mad, too.

When someone actually had the bad sense to say thank God it wasn't them, I'd say, "& I thank God that it WAS me!"

They are only 9 months old, but I can already see how much they love each other. They can play together for the longest time, they share toys, & they even try to comfort each other! Most children don't learn sharing or compassion until after they start school.

Dec 30, 2009
by: Andria

I completely know how you feel! I have 2 sets of twins all under age 3! People can be really insensitive. People tell me they feel sorry for me all the time, or "better you than me". I always say, thank God for that...

Nov 23, 2009
Hands full answer
by: Anonymous

I'm sure we all hear "You've got your hands full" a million times a day - I love that answer "No my HEART's full" - thank you!

Sep 24, 2009
dumb people
by: Anonymous

I know! Tell me about it..my twins are just now almost 6 months old..and I still feel so lucky that they are both with me I can't believe when people say 'oh you poor thing' and stuff like that..no trust me people..i am very blessed!

Sep 16, 2009
i know what you mean!!
by: Laura

I get the SAME thing!! i have 4 month old twins and a 3 year old son, i am always out and about alone with the kids as my husband works all day, and you get the people wow you got your hands full, i feel sorry for you!!
And the only thing I could come up with is "dont feel sorry for me" What do you say?! It makes me sooo angry when people say that!!

Jun 01, 2009
rude people make me laugh
by: Anonymous

Yes some people are rude..I LOVE being out with my twin boys alone ...and when people say things like that or OMG you must have your hands full I always say "No not really, MY HEART IS FULLER"...shuts them right up & they never know what else to say. :)

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