I Have a Few...

by Meanhugger

Which one is the Evil twin?

Are You guys twiiiins?
Nope. I just found him on the street and beat the differences out of him.

(Alternate Answer)
One twin says:Who are you talking about, there's no one there? Second Twin says: You can see me?!

One fun unrelated story, I went to a haunted house with my twin, and when the guy who was supposed to scare us popped out, we both stared in unison at him with a creepy stare (no communication beforehand, mind you) and he backed up.

One more Question, a person ran up to us in a restaurant and said "You guys are twins, right. So.. can you guys read each other's mind? We both answered "Nope. Not at all." at. the. same. time. with no previous interaction!!!!

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