I Just Can't Help Thinking It's Twins!

by Misty
(Chickasha, Ok)

I need to know if any of you moms of twins, or expecting twins, had this feeling as well.
I have no history of twins in my family, except for the fact that my mother ovulated two eggs when she was pregnant with me, but the other twin mysteriously died.

My husband has 2 sets of twins in his family, but are in the "great" generation of his family.

I just dont know why... but ever since I was 5 weeks along,I have just been finding myself thinking about it. I'll say, "I hope the babies are okay," or something to that effect, implying there is more than one child in there!

I am 6 weeks and 2 days along, and I am a little pouchy... but I have had one child before this, and I fear it's just pregnancy bloating anyway. But, I keep finding myself staring at the mirror, and looking up "twin pregnant bellies" to compare mine to them!

Did anyone pregnant with twins have this same sneaking suspicion and have it confirmed?
(I'm also am exhuasted beyond measure with this pregnancy. I have about the same morning sickness as my frist though. But eating so much more)

Thanks so much!

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Mar 27, 2009
is it twins?
by: Anonymous

I did have a feeling there were 2 - and for no good reason either!
I found out at my 8 week us that there were 2 - and I have no twins anywhere in my family. The strange thing was hubby and I and everyone else had been joking the entire time that we would have 2 and just get it over with in one pregnancy. Can you believe my shock? I never had dreams about 2 or even morning sickness. But my symptoms were feet swelling very early on and very tender breasts very early on. Best of luck!!

Mar 16, 2009
by: Anonymous

I had the same feeling.... As far as your husband having twins in his family and people saying it makes no difference. DON'T BELIEVE IT!!!! I have NO history in my family of twins. My husband has two brothers one sister, they say twins run on the womens side and identical twins just happen. Well My brother in law and now us have a set of identical girl and boy twins and his older brother has a set of boy girl twins. None of us women have twins on our side and his sister has no twins. Just something to think about.

Mar 15, 2009
by: Anonymous

Well, your husband having twins in the family will have no impact on you having twins or not. You either have to ovulate 2 eggs or one that splits.

I have heard that sometimes mothers have a "feeling" that they might be having twins and find out it's true! So, maybe you are....But, the only way to confirm this will be with your doc. Hope you'll post and let us know when you find out for sure :)

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