Identical? One Boy and One Girl?

by Jess
(Small Town, MN, USA)

Stranger: Twins?
ME: Yep
Stranger: Are they identical?
ME: Yep
Stranger: Is one a boy and one a girl?
ME: *Shaking my head* Nope both girls!!

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Jan 28, 2019
Fraternal Twins
by: Anonymous

Me and my twin sister are fraternal (both girls), and we look nothing alike. Loads of people always say "the only way that twins do not look alike are when they are a boy and girl.".

Plus the fact that lots of people think that if you are a twin you have to 'read each others minds' or be 'identical', and she (sister) just screams "NOT TRUE YOU IDIOTIC HUMAN!".

Then even if someone knows that we are twins they see us writing with different dominant hands and question whether or not We are twins;Which is utterly ridiculous.

Also every one gets us mixed up with each other when our names sound nothing alike let alone our looks. And when the statements of 'Well you do not look alike ' come on we say "Wow! An amazing new discovery! Like we have not figured that out in 22 years! You deserve a novel prize for stupidity! "

And if this sounds very annoying, well that is the beauty of the internet where you can complain about your life and lots of people can relate.

Oct 27, 2016
Blind People
by: Anonymous

In my freshmen year of high school me and my twin, Luke, moved to another school, and the first thing we where asked by one of our peers was if we where twins. Where Identical and I replied with "No I was cloned in a lab when he was 5." I got married to the girl 2 years ago.

Jul 25, 2015
The frustration 😳
by: Nicole

This really bugs me as I have identical twin girls whom 9 out of 10 times are dressed the same so when I get asked this question I have to bite my tongue to stop me screaming something rude like are you blind or plain stupid also the amount of times I've had to explain if they where b/g twins they wouldn't be id oh you just have to love how people argue as you are clearly wrong as they have seen b/g twins look alike..... This coz that makes them identical 🙈

Jul 27, 2013
ignorant people
by: Anonymous

I get this all the time! I have boy/girl twin and I guess I can understand people not really knowing what identical really means but come on people! My boy has dark brown hair with brown eyes and my girl is a blonde with blue eyes. So they are complete opposite! I got tired of trying to explain to people what identical really means. I also get annoyed when people ask which side they came from. I am the one who put out two eggs so how could they come from his side lol

Dec 31, 2012
by: Tammy

I get this all the time. Even after they figure out that I have one of each, I still get...identical?
Seriously people?

Dec 24, 2012
identical question
by: Anonymous

I have a boy and a girl and I get "Are they Identical?" all the time. I used to say, nope, 1 boy/1 girl. Then i would get the head tilt and say, um, they can't be identical, one has a penis. lol.... they usually get it at that point but this one lady I had to explain identical means identical in everyway.

Aug 16, 2012
I always say
by: Anonymous

Yes, identical, except one has a penis.

Jul 09, 2012
people need to think!
by: Nicole

I'm having identical twin girls and I've had people ask me the same thing when I say I'm having identical twins...hello, definition of identical!

Mar 02, 2012
by: Anonymous

isn't it funny what people come up with to say

Never dull to be a parent to twins

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