Identical Twin Bond

by David
(North Carolina)

Although my identical twin brother and I are now in our sixties, I can recall a humorous incident from childhood which provides a glimpse into the bond between identical twins.

My twin and I were around five years old when one
day we began fighting over something in our room, the two of us rolling-on the floor punching and kicking at one another with all our might.

My twin must have been getting the better of me, because when our Dad entered our room he immediately lifted my brother off of me and proceeded to give him a couple of whacks on the

As our Dad walked to the door, I cried out:"aren't you going to spank me? I was fighting too!" At
which point my Dad promptly gave me a couple of whacks as well!

Even at that age I couldn't stand the thought of my twin being treated unfairly-regardless of the consequences to myself!

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