Identical Twins?

by Sarah
(Indiana, US)

Fike baby/babies?

Fike baby/babies?

At about 6 weeks and 5 days I had an ultrasound (at least that's how far they think) They measured the 'blob' on the left side, but there was also one on the right. I'm having another ultrasound this week, but I'm very curious. It's only been a couple of days. My HCG levels are rising in the extreme. Before we even started the vaginal screen the doctor sort of joked that from my levels it looks like twins. We only saw one heartbeat, but it was on and off. We didn't see it for very long and could barely see it. I'm told identical twins comes from the father's side, well my husband's mother was a fraternal twin but we don't know any more than that because they were adopted. What do you think? (p.s. docotor said it could be 20 weeks before we can rule it out for sure)

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Mar 30, 2012
by: Anonymous

Hi all really need advise as I am very confused. I had pains and discharge this morning and went to the maternity emergency room, I had thought by my dates that I was 7 weeks pregnant, this is my 3rd child. The doctor gave me a scan and said I was roughly 5 weeks as there was no heart beat yet. Any way there seemed to be 2 sacks there, I told the doctor that I had lost twins in 2009 at 9 weeks and my daughter was a twin but the other one didnt make it " Vanishing Twin' . The doctor was unsure of 2 sacks and said the two images could be the one sack one reflecting off the other like a mirror, or the 2 images could be an extension of the 1 sack. she said it was too soon to tell for sure, but felt that was what it was. Has any one heard of this Im up the wall as I am 38 and I only have 1 kidney I dont know if I could even carry twins full term. Any help would be great thanks

Sep 16, 2011
by: Amanda

I found out yesterday that I was having twins. I'm excited and scared all at once. It's a double blessing, well that's how I see it. My first hcg level went from 160 to 506. Then from 611 to 4536. They joked about it being twins. I went in fr ultrasound and just seen empty sac. Then 2 weeks later I go back and see both babies with strong heart beats. I'm so happy. Thank u Jesus! Good luck moms to be!

Feb 24, 2011
two sets of identicals
by: lisa bunn

i have two set of identical twin girls, they are 18 months apart.thr doctor told me that i would probably never have a singelton, but i do have one son. the hardest part in this whole ordeal is clothing everyone. but i love it all

Jun 02, 2010
hgc levels
by: MelanieV

When i suspected being pregnant, and went for my first blood tests, it revealed 5 weeks gestational age and an hcg level of 79705.0 mIU/mL Quantitative. I went to a doctor 4 days after that who did an ultrasound, he nearly fell of his chair when he saw my hcg levels and i remember him saying "oh! you are as pregnant as pregnant can be" the ultrasound only revealed one baby and by measuring the doctor confirmed that it was 8/9 weeks and not 5 like the blood test said. I am just curious, because my level was so high, is there stilla possiblity that the egg could split or that another baby could show up after that scan (at 8/9 weeks)? I am going for another ultrasound in 3 days and am very anxious at what might be. I must add that I started showing almost immediately, i know easily look six months pregnant yet its not even 4 yet.. (South Africa), age 26

Jan 09, 2010
HCG levels
by: Anonymous

Be careful of counting on the HCG levels, my levels were in line for a singleton, yet I am here 28 and a half weeks pregnant with fraternal twins lol. My first was 130 and second was 286. A little more than double, but still in line with singleton.

Jan 05, 2010
by: Anonymous

WELL MY DEAR, its since been 7 wks since this post have u updated it? According to twin pregnancy..high hcg levels is a give away...and why else would there be two lito lumps in one sack....right???well congrats and good luck!

Nov 12, 2009
by: Anonymous

The only way twins can come from the fathers side is if the father passes the twinning gene down to his children, then it has to be a female who will then in turn ovulate two eggs instead of one resulting in fraternal twins.

Identical twins are a random event that happens when one egg splits and has nothing to do with family history.

There isn't any way your hubby can cause you to have twins it would have to come from your side of the family and get passed down to you and cause you to have fraternal twins. The only thing hubby determines is the sex of the baby or babies.

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