I'm a Twin and I Had Twin Girls...So Lucky!

by Carol Drouin

With one amazing 5 year old son Christian and then 5 miscarriages I had twin fraternal girls at age 33.

Even with a high risk pregnancy as an (older mom) with toxemia and a week in the hospital, I carried the twins full term and they were 5lbs 5oz and 5lbs 7oz and completely healthy.

We all were in the hospital for a week after because I had a c section and they wouldn't let them go home without me. But having twin girls was a high point in my life. Because I too was a twin it was easier and more fun.

My twin brother and I lived beside each other our whole lives, building houses next to each other on family land and thou he has passed he was always a huge part of my life.

My twin daughters are now 34 with children of their own whom I see often. Good luck to everyone with twins. As hard as it seems it's also the very best!

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