Is a Cervical Length of 3.6 at 17 Weeks in Twin Pregnancy Something to Be Alarmed About?

by Lauren

16 weeks with boy/girl twins.

16 weeks with boy/girl twins.

I found out at 7 weeks I was pregnant with fraternal twins. My cervix at 10 weeks was 5.1 cm. One month later my cervix measured 4.3cm my Dr. said no more sex and he was going to check it again in 2 weeks. At the next ultrasound my cervix measured 3.6cm. I had not been having sex but had been shopping and on my feet alot as I have a one year old son and it was Easter. We also found out that we are having a boy and a girl so we shopped quite a bit for 2 or 3 days in a row out of excitement. The Dr has now put me on restricted activity, no sex, no shopping!!! I have been doing pretty well with this but I don't have my cervix remeasured again for another week. I am sitting around constantly thinking about it.

The Dr has told me that 3.6 cm is still a normal measurement and nothing to be worried about. He says that we just have to keep a watch on it. He also says if it drops below 3cm he wants to do a cerclage.

has anyone on here had a cerclage placed? Do you know if 3.6cm is a good measurement at 17 weeks with twins? Should I request the placement of a cerclage? Thank you so much. Any advice or anything will be appreciated! Should I maybe call and request they check the cervical length earlier?

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Apr 16, 2010
My cervical length.
by: Canyon'sMom.

Thank you ladies so much for all the information. Guess I am just feeling a little concerned because they didn't do all these cervical length checks during my pregnancy with my son. I guess that is because he was a singelton pregnancy. They are checking the length transvaginally with ultrasounds, the tech told me that it was the only way to accurately check the length of the cervix.

I go back next tuesday to the Dr for my anatomy scan of the twins, as well as for another cervical lenght ultrasound. Hope that the restricted activity and restricted lifting I have been doing has helped my cervix to remain at least as long as it was last time.

We found out 2 weeks ago that we are expecting a boy & a girl. We are so excited. I worry more than my husband. He just prayed about it and that was that. I know God can keep these babies safe and healthy.

I am so glad to hear that someone's cervix stayed at about the same level from 18 weeks and are now 32 weeks.

Apr 15, 2010
how check
by: Anonymous

checking your cervix transvaginally is the most accurate way to measure it. When they do that - I end up at 4.2cm When done by sono to tummy - I end up at 3.7 - 4 depending on which tech does it.

Apr 15, 2010
by: Anonymous

Hi I never had a clerclage placed, but have heard if you have one that it should work and they just reopen it a few weeks before you are due.

Trust in your doctor - no sex, no shopping. I now do a lot of shopping online for the babies and for things we need at home.

At 13 weeks my cervix was in the 5's - it has been 4cm since week 18 and is still that length at week 32.

3.6cm is a great and normal measurement and it can stay that way for the duration of your pregnancy. It sounds like your doc is continually monitoring you (my first measurement was at 13 weeks than not again till 18, 24, then every other) to make sure the number doesn't fall. Trust in your doctor - you will be fine

Apr 14, 2010
by: Tina

are they checking your cervix vaginally or via U/S? I'm asking b/c i am 16 weeks and have not had a vaginal exam at all... just curious. I've never had a cerclage... but I've never heard anything bad...I think if you are concerned about preterm labor( I know I am...simply b/c there are 2 babies in there) it would give you peace of mind... good luck with everything!

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