Is It Possible To "Miss" A Twin At 5.5 Weeks?

by Misty McGrew

A close friend of mine had to go to the ER at 5.5 weeks pregnant, (though we thought it was more like 6.5) and they did an ultrasound due to bleeding and cramping. They only saw one sac, no heart beat, and they couldn't see anything resembling a "fetal pole" or fetus at all... but, her blood work said she was still pregnant. she had good HCG readings. :)

She went to her regular OB a week later, and she could not convince them to give her an ultrasound.
Everyone was so sure it was twins. Is it at all possible, that the first ultrasound was too early to detect two since it hardly detected one?

I just want to hear you other gals stories about it happening or not happening, to get a more realistic view of what may be going on.

Also, at what point did they decide to check again, and why?

Thank you in advance,

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Mar 25, 2009
it can be missed
by: Anonymous

I had an ultrsound at 5 1/2 weeks due to my abdominal pain and history of ectopic miscarraige and saw my little grain of sand and was thrilled to pieces. (It was confirmed that i had a cyst on my ovary, nothing to worry about.)I went for my first "real" prenatal appointment 2 weeks later and there on the screen was 2 heartbeats. My thrill instantly turned to shock. In fact, i am at 9 weeks now and still feeling that way. So, to answer your question, YES! it can be missed at the early ultrasounds.

Mar 25, 2009
to answer your question
by: Anonymous

she has a history of twins on her mothers side (just one set) and one set on her husband's mothers side.
she has been so sick! i sware she spends all her time over that toilet. (this is her 3rd pregnancy) and not to mention she's been sleeping most of the time. doesn't have energy to take care of her other baby.
She's only 7 weeks now, but is starting to show... got that little speed bump at the bottom of the tummy. and she's had dreams about twins. im not certain how to explain it, she just kinda knows. but her doctor isn't cooperating with her.

Mar 25, 2009
Need more info...
by: Anonymous

Why was everyone so sure it was twins in the first place?
It seems to me that an OB would definitely want to do another ultrasound to make sure it was a viable pregnancy since they did not see a heart beat the first time. I would switch doctors.

Good luck to your friend! ;)

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