Jesse and Jannell Twin Connection Story

by Jannell
(Salisbury, NC)

This memory is from our late teenage years, some time after highschool graduation. My twin and I were both 17, obviously, but going through some unseen emotional battles from separating.

He had originally moved from our mother's home to a friend's place. In hindsight, this triggered me in a negative way. I decided to move in with my boyfriend at the time, which turned out to be a not-so-good decision.

One night while going through the kitchen at my boyfriend's house, I found lettuce! This was the only thing in the kitchen! I was pretty upset with what my decisions turned my life into, so I called my mom the next morning.

She picked me up to take me home for dinner. During the ride I expressed how I felt about my situation and how upset I was when I had to resort to eating the night before. Mom almost jumped out of her skin! She urged me to question my brother about the dream he had told her about having last night, so of course I did. Hearing Jesse tell me his dream gave me chills! He had dreamed that someone was shoving lettuce down his throat!! Still shockingly intriguing every time I think back.

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