Learning The Twins' Gender

by Mia
(Virginia Beach, VA)

I just found out I'm pregnant with fraternal twins. My husband is determined NOT to learn the babies' genders. I'm ok with this (if it were up to me I'd probably find out though). However, everyone from family members to store clerks have said its impossible not to find out since there's so much to plan for... opinions?

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Sep 09, 2012
A compromise?
by: Anonymous

We did not find out the gender of our first (it was a boy)and it was the best suprise of my life. Everyone said I was having a girl but I "knew" otherwise. I found out I was expecting twins on his first birthday and did not want to find out. My husband was done with the whole guessing-game thing so the ultrasound tech wrote the gender on a slip of paper so I wouldn't know.
That said, our plan did not exactly work out. He did break down and tell me before the babies (2 more boys!) were born because I had convinced myself I was having a boy and a girl and he did not want me to be disappointed. Looking back, I think he made the right choice. I love that I could dress them in matching baby boy clothes without the hassle of dragging a toddler and newborn twins to the mall!

Sep 17, 2010
finding out the gender
by: Jenny

My twins are 7 months old and we didn't find out what there gender was..!! I have two boys 7 and 5 and we didn't find out with them and it was the most amazing experience when they were born. I gave birth to a baby girl (Ally) and a baby boy (Clay) on Feb 15th, and the whole room was cheering when they were born..!! There are so may few surprises left in life that I believe this surprise is the best of all...!!

Sep 16, 2010
by: Anonymous

The most common type of fraternal twins is boy/girl - 50% there is a 25% chance you will have two boys and a 25% chance you will have two girls if that helps.

I know that I had lots of gender neutral stuff because they were sharing the same nursery so we did a safari theme. You don't really need to find out for the nursery, but you might want to know for the clothing. I hate when my daughter wears anything but a girl color. Course even when she does, I still get the dumb question if they are both boys - no the one in the pink dress is a girl.

Sep 16, 2010
Learning the twins gender...eliment of suprise
by: Tzena U.|K.

My Non Identical twin boys are now 4yrs & 7months old, when i was carrying them, we were never sure what they would be, their heart rates were different too, thus led us to believe, i was carrying one of each boy/girl, we never really directly asked to find out the sexes, but althrough i just had unisex clothes for newborn and tiny baby, when i finally had my twins at 37 wks and 3 days, my twin that we thought was a boy was, he had the slower heart rate, and weighed 5lb 4oz and then 7 mins after his arrival, my other twin, which we were expecting to be a girl, only beacause the heart rate was faster than the other twin, was actually a tiny little boy too weighing 4lb 15oz, they did not have or need any special care, and were breastfed till 1yr old, hence now they are two thriving Reception class school children, good luck with your and enjoy them while they are tiny, sleep deprivation is the biggest damage, but try to sleep when your babies do, put a polite notice on your front door saying, although i may be home, i may not answer as i may be feeding, sleeping or genrally busy thank you xxxxxxx

Sep 15, 2010
by: Kristina

If it was just one, we were not going to find out. However with two, i had to know so I could get things ready! We ended up having two boys and at 17 weeks they were doing an ultrasound and the tech said she thought it was both boys and it was confirmed at 19 weeks! They are now 17 months old! Good luck with yours!

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