Life's Complete With Twin Girls!

by Marlene

I am glad to share the story of our twins. They were born four years ago, June 12, 2004. We already had two boys, ages eight and six. We didn't know we were having twins until my ultrasound at eight weeks, and then we weren't sure if they were both male, female or one of each.

I wasn't even sick in the mornings as I had been with my other two. My pregnancy was great and they came into the world as perfectly healthy babies, one six and half pounds and the other six pounds one ounce. And I did find out before hand that we were having twin girls! I was so happy.

Once we came home, it was another story! What a difference taking care of two instead of just one. It's a lot of work taking care of one, but doubling that is so much harder. One cries, the other starts. You change one diaper and then you have to do the other one. Feed one and the other one is hungry too. Having my boys at the ages they were was just perfect as they could help me with various tasks. We didn't have very much other help as our families didn't live nearby, but our friends were very helpful, especially with taking the older children to their homes to play with their children as we hustled about taking care of the twins.

I wouldn't trade any of my children for all the money in the world. I thought having two boys was great, but my life is really complete with the twin girls. My husband and I are very fortunate.

Oh yes, one more thing. My husband has red hair, and when we got married, I always visualized having a little girl with red hair. The boys had brown hair, but guess what? My twins both have red curly hair! You can't beat that!!!!!! My name is Marlene and I live in Texas.

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Nov 05, 2010
Red Hair
by: April

Thats great. I'm 18 weeks with frat twins boy/girl and we currently have 5 kiddos. ALL RED HEADS so I'm interested to see if the twins will also be red headed.
Thanks for sharing.

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