Me and My Twin Sister

by Catherine

Twins Story

To start off, I am the elder one. Yes, even I came out earlier than my sis in 1 minute; I am still the elder one. Being elder in my family wasn’t a big deal because my parents don’t favour the younger one or being strict for the elder. So basically it’s just a status and nothing else.

Since four we have been in the same class (except Standard 1 and 2) until now. We are 19 this year, so about 14 years in the same class? We have the same group of friends. Talking about characters, hmm..actually I never really thought deep into it. We have almost same character I guess. I am not sure because maybe our friends do not think that way. But I think I am little daring in making funny things and joking around.

I remember when we were in Secondary 2, we joined this international camp. At that time we used to share one mobile phone. When we reached there, we found out that we had to sleep in different rooms with other participants. Our heart just sank at that time. The scene was really sad. When we both enter our own room, my sister took out the phone and gave it to me but then I rejected it. Very fast I was crying in the room. The feeling of being forcefully separated was really bad. But then the forgetful mind of us quickly forgot about this the next cause we had so much fun there!

Many times we always get scolded by a lot of people, not because we are kept making mistakes but because we always repeat what we say. Get it? For example, when I ask a friend a question after awhile my sis will ask the EXACT question to the SAME person (FYI my sis does not know that I have ask these questions already). My friend will EXPLODE and say ‘I thought you asked just now??’ Innocently we are being scolded for no reason. This happens to my parents too. It’s a sad reality that we both have to accept.

Being spooky or not, we tend to say the same things at the SAME time at the SAME second. Maybe our brain wave is the same. I don’t know, just guessing it. We also have a habit. Whenever we say the same thing, we will hi-five to ourselves to celebrate this moment. Funny right? Haha. Once in awhile, before my sister wants to ask a question, I will stop her and say ‘I ask already,’ somewhere in my brain tells me that she wants to ask the question. I feel eerie myself too.

Although we tend to fight a lot and argue a lot (My friends can be the witnesses), we still care for each other a lot. Sometimes I think I care for her more than I care for my parents. For example, when we were having dinner without my sis, I will remind my parents that she hasn’t eaten and don’t eat up her portion. I know they won’t but just a reminder that’s all. =P

Although we are twins, we divide our financial CAREFULLY. I don’t pay for her and she doesn’t pay for me. Others would say ‘Why twins’ sisters are being so calculative to each other?’ ‘Why should I pay for her when we have the same monthly allowance?’ I don’t know, just doesn’t feel right to me. We divide what we pay EQUALLY (p.s including the coins and all) But ONCE IN AWHILE, both of us would say ‘ITS OKAY just pay me…’ Many will often see us dividing and calculating money to repay each other. I know it’s weird but that is just us. When we go for trip I bring money books to write down what SHE pays and what I pay. At the end of the day we will calculate them evenly.

I still remember when I was very young, I found out that she doesn’t like what I like (I forgot what is it but I think its food). I was constantly asking and convincing her, ‘Why you don’t like this? It’s really nice!’ At that time I THOUGHT TWINS should like the same thing. I was feeling really weird because she doesn’t like what I like. As time passes, I learn to accept that we CAN like different things.

Because we are twins, people always called us wrongly. It has turned into a habit for people to ask us ‘Are you … or …?’ before asking us anything. For me it doesn’t matter because even the person calls me wrongly I would still answers to them because it will be a waste of time to correct them. But at the end I would still reveal the truth that I am not my sis! =P

I feel really glad to be twins because I am used to have someone beside me whenever I face problems. In any circumstances we always have each other (p.s excluding trips to toilet =P). Feeling scary during night time, we can accompany each other. When we have trouble facing the crowd we have each other, just doing everything together. Maybe you guys would think that we talk a lot at home. In fact we don’t. Because normally we would share our encounters and experience when we are separated but if we are constantly glued together, we share the experience. What is there more to talk about?

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