Mono-Di and Di-Di Twins?

by Kattie

My OBGYN did my first vaginal scan herself and we are having twins. She said that she could not tell if they were mono-di or di-di, but at the time I was so excited, the question did not come to mind. Does this mean I am having fraternal twins? Or is there still a chance of identical twins?

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Dec 07, 2015
Di-Di fraternal twins
by: Joey

I'm blessed with b/g twins my Ob stinks and has never told me but I know they had separate sacks and separate placentas so does that mean Di-Di fraternal? my Ob was one baby who was gonna be first was on position (girl) but she still insisted on a c-section. My (boy) other wasn't but I stressed how important it was to me to try regular vaginal delivery, but she scared me into it. Will never ever go back to that Ob (garden Ob) in Long Island NY. Not recommended, but that's why I'm asking. I believe I just got pregnant twice within a cycle but don't have answers Anyone know how I can find out?

Oct 21, 2011
Thank you
by: Kattie

Thank you! I actually found a couple of great books on twin pregnancies and read EVERYTHING I could find online. I am going in for an ultrasound on Tuesday and I am hoping to find out then if they are fraternal or maternal twins, but as you said, I may not know for sure even then. I am dying to buy more things for my babies and set everything up though and I cannot wait to find out what sex they will each be!

Oct 20, 2011
mono di and di di
by: Anonymous

mono-di is where there is one placenta and two sacks, each baby has a sack...with this they are identical. The only way the babies could be sharing a placenta is if there was one egg fertilized and then it split into two. The thing with mono-di is the split happened a little later after conception so the eggs implant into the uterus with one placenta. Im having mono-di twins, girls c-section is in 5 days! :)

di-di is where there are two placentas and two sacks. In this case they could be identical or fraternal. If they are identical the egg splits soon after conception and each baby will have its own placenta. If they are fraternal two separate eggs are fertilized and each will have its own placenta. With di-di most of the time you would not be able to know if they are identical or fraternal until they are born, unless you have one of each gender then they are obviously fraternal or if you have amniocentesis done.

Hope i didn't confuse you

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