Mother of 8 including identical twins and now pregnant with fraternal twins at 47

by Sandy Daugherty

I have a total of eight living children. I had my first set of twins at the age of 20. My grandmother had a set of fraternal twins and a total of 10 kids. I had identical twins the first time.

Now I am 47 years old and pregnant with fraternal twins (boy and girl).

I had my first set vaginally exactly one year after my first child. I am now attempting to have these two a little over a year after a c-section with my one-year-old. This set was conceived naturally with no IVF or fertility drugs. I am also the only granddaughter that has twins since my grandmother.

I have now had 3 c-sections and 4 VBAC. I am planning a successful VBAC with Kylie and Kyle (twins names picked). I experienced severe trauma from my last birth because of the treatment in the OR during the birth and do not want a repeat of that experience or healing time it took. I trust my instincts and ability.

I have one that was a successful birth at home with no assistance. She is now 9 years old and healthy as she can be. My twins were born 7 minutes apart after about 24 hours of labor. I am thankful for every child I was able to have because I was told as a teen that I could not carry. I am now carrying 9 and 10 and due soon.

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