My Brother & I Are Twins...Our Bond

by Christy
(Amarillo, TX)

Ohh I wish I could upload a picture of us. You'd see the bond on our faces as we celebrated our 21st birthdays!

All my life growing up, I always had someone right there along side to share milestones with. First days of school, birthdays, graduations, Holy Communions and so forth. I would never trade those moments to be a single child....ever! There were times when I wished I could've been a single child, but I think it was more the thought of "I wonder what it would be like..." rather than permanantly wanting to be a single.

We are so totally different in soooo many ways. He likes mustard, I like mayo. He likes Dr. Pepper, I like Coke. He's tall(5'11), I'm short(5'0). He's always been in the thin side, I've always been a lil chunky. :) haha. But one thing I always will remember, the times we would blurt out singing the same words to songs, just out of the blue, we'd start singing at the same time, the same song! WEIRD BUT TRUE!!!! Don't be suprised if your twins do the same thing.

Now, I'm prego with two boys! I'm so excited to see what two boys are gonna be like considering that I already know what it's like being boy/girl twins!

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Aug 31, 2009
by: Anonymous

Such a great post! So exciting your having twins!!! Congrats!

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